How to Block Crypto Mining Scripts in Your Web Browser?

Crypto mining requires plenty of CPU resources, and one computer or device is often not enough to let you earn enough profits from crypto mining. You can mine some Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, but it won’t give you any good if you only use one device to do that.

You need to connect your device to the mining pools so that you can tap even more power to earn more cryptocurrencies from your mining activities.

Some people out there are trying to take advantage of the resources of other computers with malicious means. Knowing they can’t mine crypto just by using a single computer, they take advantage of using multiple computers to mine certain cryptocurrencies. However, they do it often without the consent of other users.

They put crypto mining scripts on their website so that any user visiting the website would take part in their crypto mining activity without their permission. This is something that you need to be aware of.

How to Block Crypto Mining Scripts in Your Web Browser

Beware of the Malicious Crypto Mining Websites!

When browsing the net, beware of some websites that might use your CPU resources to mine cryptocurrency. Some websites will do that without your consent, meaning that they won’t tell you about their mining activity at all.

There’s a good chance that your CPU resources are getting used to mine crypto if you notice that your computer is getting slower when visiting a certain website.

Some websites can even install crypto-malware into your PC while you browse their site. You can find that there are some added tasks in the Task Manager of your PC, which gives you the idea that the crypto-malware is using more of your CPU resources to mine crypto. 

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Signs that You are Visiting Websites with Crypto Mining Scripts

What are the signs that you are visiting websites with crypto mining scripts? There are various signs you can see when you visit a malicious website that uses your CPU resources without your permission.

Here are some signs you can see:

  • Your browser doesn’t allow you to visit the website. Your browser might block lots of web pages with crypto-mining scripts, and it will let you know if you are visiting a crypto mining webpage before you can visit it.
  • You notice a slower performance in Your PC. When you visit a certain webpage with crypto-mining scripts, you will notice a slower performance on your PC. This is because they are using your CPU resources to take part in the sneaky mining activity.
  • Your PC performance shows a 100% CPU usage percentage. When you check the Task Manager on Windows, you can find out that the CPU performance will show 100% usage when you visit a certain webpage with the crypto mining scripts.
  • The website tells you they are mining crypto. Sometimes, transparent websites will let you know they are mining crypto with your CPU resources. For instance, you can turn off the ads on their website if you allow them to use your CPU resources to mine crypto for them.
  • You notice faster performance in your PC when you close the webpage. When you close a webpage containing crypto-mining scripts, you will notice a faster performance on your PC. That’s the sign that the webpage you just visited is using your CPU to mine crypto coins.

#1. Block Crypto Mining Scripts with NoScript Extension

NoScript is a Firefox extension that allows you to block any active scripts on various websites that you visit. It can help you block the crypto mining scripts on web pages that use your CPU resources without your permission. You can allow scripts to run from websites only if you trust them.

Otherwise, any bad scripts cannot run on your browser when you install this extension. You can download this extension at the official NoScript website ( The installation is easy, and you can customize your preferences once you’ve installed this extension on your browser.

#2. Block Crypto Mining Scripts with No Coin Extension

No Coin is another extension for Firefox that can help you block any crypto mining scripts from the websites you visit online. With this extension, any website trying to use your CPU resources won’t be able to do that, as you will block their crypto mining scripts.

It’s a simple extension that’s only under 100KB to install on your browser, but it has a significant benefit to giving you a better browsing experience.

You can also allow some websites you trust to mine crypto using your CPU resources for a limited time. So, it’s your choice whether you want to allow them to use your CPU resources. You can download and install this extension from the No Coin extension page.

#3. Block Crypto Mining Scripts with CryptoMining Blocker Extension

For Google Chrome, you can use the extension called CryptoMining Blocker. This extension can help you block any crypto mining scripts from the web pages you visit online. It can also give you a safer and much more comfortable browsing experience since you don’t need to deal with 100% CPU usage every time you visit a malicious crypto-mining site.

It is also available for the Firefox browser on desktop and mobile devices. So, you can protect your device from any crypto mining scripts wherever you are. You can download the CryptoMining Blocker extension from the official extension page for CryptoMining Blocker.

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When you visit any website on the internet, sometimes you need to be aware of what they are doing. You might not know about what they are doing until you see the signs on your PC that show they’re using your CPU resources to mine some cryptocurrencies.

If it’s with your consent, it might be fine. You can allow them to mine some cryptocurrencies using your CPU resources as long as you agree with what they are doing.

However, most of the time, these websites are using crypto mining scripts that perform hidden crypto mining activities on your device. They didn’t ask for your permission to do that. They just suck up your CPU resources which end up giving your PC poor performance.

You need to stop them, and you’ve learned from this guide how to stop them from using the crypto mining scripts on your browser. It’s time for you to secure your browsing activity and allow no malicious website from using your CPU resources for crypto mining activities without your permission.

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