How To Cancel Blue Apron Account?

Blue Apron which came into existence in 2012 and has been pioneered with the best meal kit service in the marketplace. They just ask to Opt for a suitable subscription and later enjoying the self-customized meals. There are times when you choose to go on vacations or come up with zeal to experience a different subscription where you wish to cancel your subscription and if you find the cancellation a tough task then this article is for you.

Cancel Blue Apron Account

How to Cancel Blue Apron?

There are two different super easy ways by which you can cancel your subscription simply by following easy instructions

1. Log into your Account

Like you, log in to your account via your phone or PC click on the three-bar navigation list opener. As you proceed you can easily view an option to manage your account. Accessing that functionality would take you to a page where you can view an option to cancel your account in the manage account settings. Once you have clicked or tapped on that button Blue Apron would ask you for your suggestions and the reason for you leaving the account.

Complete your suggestion page in order to cancel the Blue Apron subscription.

Once you have made the selection by marking a tick in the boxes and write your feedback in the small box present below. The system would direct you to a page where a message stating your account has been closed and at the same time you will be given a privilege to reactivate easily by clicking on a button present at the bottom.

Still can’t make it? No worries lets proceed to the next easy way which will for sure solve your purpose.

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2. Email

How to cancel Blue Apron Subscription through email? Shoot a mail to support team of Blue Apron on [email protected] and in return, you will receive a set of instructions just follow them and they will guide you towards your agenda. If you don’t receive any then you can call the support agent on (646) 891-4349 and let them know that you want to cancel your subscription. They can help you the best they can and for sure get your Blue Apron subscription canceled.

You can simply access this link in order to allow the system to direct you to the Blue Apron subscription cancel page.

Wait you can only cancel the Blue Apron if you fall under the following terms:

You can cancel your subscription for the servings you haven’t ordered, but the servings that have already been shipped or delivered don’t stand liable to get the refund.

Blue Apron gives you an option to cancel five weeks in advance and this turns out to be cool as you can cancel for weeks and then reactivate once you are done with your past reason of cancellation. To cancel the upcoming deliveries just click on upcoming and then head towards manage your delivery and then a pop up will be asking you to choose the dates for which you want the deliveries to stay off and finally you can cancel is easily by clicking on skip this delivery.

Online cancellation can easily be processed ahead by confirming the dates too. Check the “Changeable date” present in your account. If you wish to proceed ahead with the cancellation of particularly the wine service then that is also possible.

Now when you have gone through such easy steps for cancellation then you just need to make the selection as specifically wine or food pr both have to be canceled from your end 

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To cancel the Blue Apron subscription at any point you need to access the link: present above and you can do it by calling the support center also. The cancellation would be directly dependent upon the pattern of shipment(where upcoming or already done). At any point, if the time you can select the dates at which it has to be resumed by simply logging into the same account.

I hope this article solves the purpose and delivers the message. Just follow the instructions and you are ready to go ahead to perform the easy cancellation of your subscription. You can reach out to Blue Apron through this link as this link will show you the frequently asked questions and are plenty in numbers to solve the entire purpose of your Blue Apron’s journey.

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