How To Get More Free Followers On Instagram Fast And Be Successful?

Instagram quickly outgrew as just a fun app for teenagers and kids. However, if we see its progress today, it has become a wide spectrum selling, content marketing, audience building, and networking tool for businesses as well as individuals.

Free Followers On Instagram

As of now, it is one of the most popular social media networks with 200 million active members. People share over 60 million images and all the content posted accounts for 1.6 billion likes per day.

But posting daily content won’t get you the attention you need on Instagram. You will have to do much more than that.

Whether you are a big brand or an individual striving to get Instagram-famous, you cannot settle for average as there is a lot of competition out there.

If you want to accomplish your dream of becoming Instagram-famous, follow these amazing hacks for boosting your engagement and getting more followers for free:

Cross-Promote Your Profile’s Dedicated Hashtag

It is a good strategy to create a hashtag that either reflects your content or your business but it would be of no use unless you use it relevantly.

If you are a business, take the hashtag offline. Use it on billboards, receipts, signage on the stores, in print ads, etc.

If you are just an individual, that hashtag can increase your engagement. all you have to do is list the hashtag on other social media networks.

Do not hope people will find the hashtag all by themselves on Instagram. Spread it as much as you can.

Participate in Popular Conversations on Instagram

Participate in popular conversations by using trending hashtags. Using long-tail keywords in the hashtag reflects more intent and helps you to find the right people.

If you want to target the general audience, you can use world-famous Instagram popular hashtags such as #instagood, #instalife. You need to be as noisy as possible on Instagram to get free followers.

Use the Bio Space Wisely

Your bio is like prime real estate on your Instagram profile. Linking your website to the page by your bio is too mainstream and boring.

However, changing it bi-weekly and adding compelling content will not only get you free followers but will also drive traffic to your linked website.

Having a funky and attractive bio is the best way to hook profile visitors. They end up following you.

Go with Descriptive Captions

A picture speaks louder than words. However, on Instagram, you really cannot skip words. For example, National Geographic’s page on Instagram uses fantastic story-telling skills alongside their photos to encourage people to share and engage.

Write catchy and descriptive captions. It might feel weird at first but you will improve as soon as you find your Instagram profile theme’s voice.

Remove Unwanted Tagged Photos

One issue about running a public Instagram account is that you get tagged in unwanted photos. Not only do they have a bad effect on your profile but they also account for lost followers. If you only want to have the best user-generated content on your profile, you can.

You cannot just remove the tagged photos by clicking on edit tags. However, you can hide them from your profile. You might confirm this but this usually does the trick for everyone.

Approve Photo Tags Before the Content Can Be Shown to Your Profile

If you cannot remove the tagged photos, do not worry. You can always be careful the next time. As an account owner, you have full or greater control over tagged photos. So, tagged photos won’t show on your profile unless you approve them.

Posting only the best content is important when it comes to scoring followers. Bad or irrelevant content usually results in lost followers.

Develop Your Insta-Style

It is in human nature to fit into the environment but on Instagram, one has to stand out to score followers for free. If you are running a public profile, you will have to develop a unique style of your own.

For instance, the Indian fruit juice brand, Frooti has developed its style and every time a user sees its posts on the feed, they gain a follower.

Get Local

Places tab on Instagram is a useful tool, especially if you are running a business page. By going on the Places tab, you can easily see what’s going on in your locality or specific areas, say your city, your neighborhood, or even at an event.

To target your local audience, all you have to do is type the place’s name and go on the tagged posts.  You will end up on a few profiles that will surely engage back.

Pay to Get Free Organic Followers

Every Instagram enthusiast needs to starts from somewhere. It is not easy to score followers if your current following count is low. So, you must first get the following count high by getting paid, organic followers.

Organic Instagram followers do not mess up with Instagram’s algorithm. Moreover, they do not affect your account’s originality.

Many online platforms are offering organic followers to boost engagement on your Insta profile. One of the trending platforms is InstaGrowing, where you can get followers in exclusive packages.


Instagram is a large social networking and marketing platform where one has to stand out in order to score followers. Sticking to the above tricks and tactics will do the job just fine but consistency is the key if you want to be Instagram-famous.

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