Best Kodi Alternatives for Free Streaming

Apart from being the highly versatile open media centers, Kodi doubles up on the fun as a free streaming app because of many add-ons that it offers. However, with some legal issues causing many popular add-ons of Kodi to shut down, users are thinking of using other Kodi alternatives. Given below are listed top 10 Kodi alternatives you can easily install and use.

Kodi Alternatives

Why Are You Looking for Kodi Alternative?

Besides some legal issues, there’re many different reasons why the users might need Kodi alternatives for streaming needs. Kodi has amazing media playback ability; however, the app’s interface disappoints many users. Even with its launch of their new Kodi Leia version that is bagged with some improved functionality and high-end features, its user interface is a little dull and not very fun to use.

One more reason why many users are looking for the Kodi replacement is the DIY project. Kodi enables customization from bottom-up, and this needs plenty of effort. Installing & managing several add-ons manually will be the most daunting task, thus users look for the alternative, which is very user-friendly and provides refined streaming experience. Let’s look at the top 10 alternatives to Kodi:

1. Plex

Plex is the freemium media server & media client for different end devices. People who know about Kodi will get along really well with the Plex app, as this software is a fork of Kodi. Just one difference is its back end. The server has all the media and offers access to the linked devices. So, when you download Plex, you require an account and have to set up the server.

And for this, it is simple to use the PC that is always turned over & connected to the internet. The “home theater PC” can host all the photos, videos, and music files. Also, you can easily add some other devices just by installing apps like Kodi and logging in with the account.

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2. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is the multi-platform and free BitTorrent client software that includes the integrated media player. There’re a lot of Popcorn Time forks available, and all are peer to peer-based. For this reason, you need to use the VPN with this app unless you are keen to get the copyright infringement notice. The Popcorn Time is highly compatible with Mac, PC, Linux, and Android and is the best apps like Kodi.

3. Mobdro

This software offers the live streams of best American, German, British, and Australian channels. You can browse from Discovery to History and Sky; you will find them all at Mobdro. It’s streaming quality lacks a little, but an app is totally free. Since with Terrarium, the Mobdro app is highly compatible with Android and it is the best Kodi alternatives for firestick. There is not any on-demand segment though.

4. Terrarium TV

If you are an Android user & looking for the good Kodi alternatives? Terrarium TV is the best platform that you need. It’s an Android application that allows you to watch, stream as well as download the free movies, TV shows, on your Android platform. Also, everything available is 1080 HD without any cost. Terrarium TV doesn’t host any videos it shows.

The majority of its content is actually streamed from either Google Video or Google Drive. It means that there’s an extra layer of privacy for media browsing. But, if you are on Android & want free streaming service, then Terrarium TV is the best alternatives to Kodi.

5. Emby 

Earlier, Emby was actually used as an easy and simple Media browser as well as had limited features. However, the latest version of the software has many amazing features and one can easily enjoy Folder Sync or Cloud Sync and many other features that can certainly improve your viewing pleasure. Also, Emby features parental control that will detect DLNA devices.

The best part of these alternatives to Kodi is you can carry your media anywhere because Emby features many exclusive apps. It is available in three classifications. Its first classification is the Emby Server, TV Apps, and Mobile Apps. The second classification is Emby servers that are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

6. MediaPortal 

It is definitely the best apps like Kodi that is worth to try out. First, it enables you to record the live TV & you can easily play any kind of media files from the hard drive, Blu-Rays or DVDs. You can also listen to your radio, music, or stream media on your PC and Home Theatre inside your home network. All these features in the combination with amazing user-friendly interface make Media Portal an amazing alternative to Kodi.

If you want to install the right add-ons, then you can easily stream content from popular services you like. Actually, MediaPortal is based on Kodi’s design that makes it the best alternative. But, it is designed for Windows only. Suppose you use Windows and want the Kodi alternative, it is an amazing app to watch out for.

7. Stremio

If you’re looking for the best alternative to Kodi, then consider giving Stremio one try. It’s the local media center app for Linux, Mac, and Windows and allows users to enjoy TV shows, movies, live TV, channel, series and more from different platforms. This software ensures that all videos come in different formats and high quality. Stremio features the casting support and subtitle support for providing the best watching experience.

Also, you can put all your favorite shows and movies to create own personal library, or sync the library over all the devices. And Stremio’s recommendation features can help you to discover some new shows and movies. To begin using Stremio, you just need to create your account.

8. Cinema HD

This is on a list of the alternative to Kodi as it just streams HD content, thus, the name. You can consider this as the bridge between the HD movies spread over the web and connects you to the right link. One more amazing feature is the extent of the library. Cinema HD has got a big library. Besides this, it’s often updated. Its interface is where the differences arrive.

For some, it is very simple and for some, simplicity is the best feature. But, Cinema HD is one of the top Kodi replacements even though the usage is been restricted only to the Android devices. It is because it is Kodi alternatives for firestick and is very well connected. It provides the same viewing experience of your desired TV shows and movies on a big screen just like Streamio.

9. Cyberflix TV

Yet another good Kodi alternatives, Cyberflix TV has an amazing collection of open media. There’re many TV shows and movies ready to get streamed online. Its process is quite similar to Cinema HD. It takes the real content from the authentic providers before they run this onto your device. Certainly can use Kodi alternatives for firestick or connect with your TV.

Also, Cyberflix TV has got a simple & interactive design. There’re not any mixed-up dashboards and supports various languages for the subtitles as well as has got HD quality content set to get streamed. There is not much storage space needed with the Cyberflix TV. It’s simple to use and run and that’s what matters. Isn’t It?

10. Infuse

There isn’t much to talk about this Kodi alternative, as it is a great application for video streaming. The app allows you to watch movies over many different devices and is the multiplatform & multifunctional media server and media player. This app supports subtitles and media programs and you will not have to convert the videos to play it on various devices.

The first thing that you will see about the app is how nicely it is designed. Its user interface is rightly balanced and quite pleasant to watch. From the functionality standpoint, the app provides many different features that competitors don’t. This will load each format and is best if you have many movies scattered all across the hard drive in many different formats. This Kodi replacement app can find & help you to organize them.

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Kodi is definitely the best solution for the video streaming, however, with all its add-ons getting shut down and legal issues, it can be the right time that you abandon from the sinking ship. Like you may see, there are a few good Kodi replacement, which has some amazing features like multiple device support, multi-format compatibility, different add-ons, and more. As per your needs, there’s always the right alternative focused on a specific area that you want this to get focused on.

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