All The Information You Need About A Maintenance Mechanic’s Job

For an uninterrupted functionality of a machined facility, the job of a maintenance mechanic is imperative. The basis of this job profile asks for adherence to the instruction manuals and guidelines for on-going usage and workability of the machinery. This requires regular supervision and production inspections by the maintenance mechanic.

Any machinery is not how simple it may appear from the outside, but it may include numerous components like shafts, conveyor belts, axles, handles, and much more.

All The Information You Need About A Maintenance Mechanics Job

Keeping all these parts functional 24X7 is the concern of a maintenance mechanic. 

Qualifications Required for the Job of a Maintenance Mechanic

Following are the primary educational prerequisites for being recruited as a maintenance mechanic:

  • A High School Diploma in the said field is a must. The diploma or course can either be of a year or two depending upon the study’s specialized field. Anybody aspirant for this job must have a graduation degree otherwise.
  • Having heavy equipment handling experience in this notable field would always be a preference for an employer. The candidates are going to have the upper hand over others if they have an internship or apprenticeship under a highly experienced maintenance mechanic.

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Skills Required for the Job of a Maintenance Mechanic

When it comes to manual or practical work, just having the theoretical knowledge won’t do justice to the actual job skill set required. The list of some specified skills a maintenance mechanic must own are:

Discreet Knowledge

Anyone who aspired to work as a maintenance mechanic must have the technical know-how of the machinery being handled.

Operating massive machinery with a few buttons is not everybody’s cup of tea; therefore, being perspicacious in this field is paramount.

Strong Computer Skills

It is irrefutable that all the machine handling, data storing, and data entering are computerized in the current industrial scenario.

So, apart from just the technical knowledge about the machinery and its functions, a maintenance mechanic must have a stronghold at the computer knowledge too.

Physical Dexterity

Pulling up heavy axles, connecting shafts, all these tasks may be physically daunting. This kind of physical skill is significant for the job of a maintenance mechanic.

Employees at this particular position may have to keep on their feet the whole day long.

Great Troubleshooting Skills

Working with machinery may put a lot of pressure on the person handling them. This is why the maintenance mechanic must have excellent troubleshooting skills.

Not panicking in emergencies or dangerous situations and coming up with quick and best solutions should be a top-skill for this job.

Health and Safety Awareness

A safe environment is the basic necessity of any job profile. For the role of a maintenance mechanic, the workers must themselves know about the health hazards or safety levels of working in any environment. 

For instance, working in heated furnaces may have deteriorating effects on skin and eyes, which a maintenance mechanic must know about.


Being hired as a maintenance mechanic brings along a load of responsibilities for the worker. Keen attention to the minute details is necessary for this kind of job.

Being late or sluggish at work are not at all any options for this occupation.

What does a Maintenance Mechanic Exactly Do?

This may not be a talked-about job profile, but it is imperative to know that maintenance mechanics are the frontline performers in the actual industry. Listed below are the highlights of a maintenance mechanic job description:

Initiating Functionality

The first and foremost responsibility of this profile is to start up any new machinery. Initiating the functionality of any machine by going through the instruction manuals and set of guidelines is the maintenance mechanics team’s concern. 

Locating Problems

Finding glitches in the working of any machinery may be a herculean task. However, a maintenance mechanic brings along a set of gadgets for assistance in finding the problems and disruptions in the machinery.

Generally, testing kits and instruments are put to use for the said work.

Getting Rid of Defects

After locating the problems in machinery’s functioning, various dismantling tools, hoists, or cranes are fancied to get rid of the defective parts.

The mechanic may further run certain inspections of the faulty parts to find out any scope of repairs.

Monitoring the Process

Supervising or monitoring the machinery’s whole process or functioning is a significant task of a maintenance mechanic.

The flaws or problems can only be found if the working of the machine is supervised continuously. 

Maintains Supplies

It is the responsibility of a maintenance mechanic to maintain regularity in the inventory of supplies and equipment required for the job. The mechanic must keep a record and list all the stock in house.

Fulfill Requests

Supervising just single machinery in a single department is not just what the job of a maintenance mechanic defines. The mechanic has to fulfill queries and requests related to the functioning of all the machines of all the departments of the organization. 

There are chances that the mechanic may have to hire interns for the times of heavy workload.

Adhering to Rules

Rules define any organization, and it becomes a primary responsibility of every employee to adhere to them. 

Wearing a proper uniform, maintaining a clean and healthy workspace, being cordial with all the fellow employees, being punctual at the job, etc., are some of the basic rules that a maintenance mechanic should follow.

Preparing Reports

Being physically up and doing is not just the role of a maintenance mechanic. The employee has to furnish reports based on days or months in concern to the machinery’s functionality and workability to the authorities. 

This is a requirement to maintain the longevity of the production or functioning processes.

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Maintaining Quality of Output

Assessing the quality of output also comes under the hood of the responsibilities of a maintenance mechanic. 

Any tampering with the quality may raise questions on the machinery’s functional ability bringing the maintenance mechanic into the picture. Quality scanning is also one of the roles being played by a maintenance mechanic. 

The profile of a maintenance mechanic is considered to be a lucrative one. A basic maintenance mechanic salary may include bonuses, perks, incentives, and overtime pays. 

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