6 Hackable Games That You Easily Find Cheats For

The obstacles before players in the form of bosses and different hindrances to specific goals are one charm that makes video games so rewarding. But at times, it might become too much of a hurdle to overcome, and the player feels overwhelmed.

Such insurmountable challenges are where cheat codes come into play. With such codes’ help, the games become relatively easy to play; some are humorous and evoke laughter while others give the players new or unique abilities. While often game developers themselves make provisions for these nifty little hacks, at other times, expert players and hacker coders figure out such special cheats.

6 Hackable Games That You Easily Find Cheats For

The most noted of such games are as follows:

The Rosebud Cheat In ‘The Sims’

Wasn’t Charles Foster fabulously rich in the monumental celluloid flick Citizen Kane? So can you be, in the game The Sims, if you use the cheat code in the form of Foster’s last words- Rosebud. The folks at I Like Cheats instruct that all you need to do to use the cheat is to enter the game’s special cheat mode by simultaneously pressing Ctrl+Shift+C.

Following that, type in the cheat code Rosebud, and voila! The simoleon count of your game character gets boosted by 1000. You can repeat as desired till you have as much wealth as you wish in the game. Using this code makes the game more of an architectural challenge than anything else.

You can proceed to build anything with the unlimited resources you get. If only life in perhaps this simulated universe had such a code. Maybe it has, and hackers know it!

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DK Mode Cheat In ‘Goldeneye 007’

Many gamers tend to associate the game Goldeneye itself with this DK cheat. DK is reminiscent of Donkey Kong. Using the cheat code enhances all characters’ arm and head sizes, making it easier to shoot.

It is also, as might be obvious, hilarious, which is a welcome break from the action-based gameplay. You can lock this mode in two ways viz, using the following button combination:

L and R + Up, C-Right, R + Left, R + Up, Up, R + Right, Up, L and R + C-Down, L and R + Down, L and R + C-Left

Suppose that seems to be too much of a task for you. In that case, you can also unlock it by overcoming the Runway mission on an agent’s difficulty level.

You can open this mode through the latter method in an initial couple of hours of starting the game. It is, in fact, one of the first missions you will be asked to complete.

Blood Code Cheat In ‘Mortal Kombat’

Mortal Kombat contained little blood for a game famed for violence. Blood wasn’t there on Super Nintendo’s Mortal Kombat release. You could, however, see blood in the Genesis platform by typing in the code A-B-A-C-A-B-B.

One disclaimer- it will significantly increase the game’s gore levels and should only be used by mature audiences. However, blood restrictions did not apply to the later episodes of the game, like Mortal Kombat II.

Invincibility Cheat Code In ‘Grand Theft Auto V

While there are many valid codes in GTA V that encourage the anarchical tendencies of the mind. However, the invincibility code is unique.

As you set about on your business of mayhem in the game and kill cops and civilians, there will eventually be a response team knocking at the door, chasing. Players playing the game with an Xbox One controller should use the following button combination:


By using this code, you get Invincibility from law enforcement for five minutes. After that, the magic wears away.

You can re-enter the code in the GTA V game and prolong the invincibility period. Ideally, use it in tandem with other available codes to steer clear of game difficulties.

Zelda Name Code In ‘The Legend of Zelda’

It is indeed true that Zelda is a trendy and rewarding NES adventure game. But it is also quite time-consuming. But there’s a quicker way to play it.

If you input your name as Zelda on the name registration page, you can start from the game’s second mission. It’s a bit confusing, but you get to skip half of the game’s more tedious levels. Other Zelda games give different uses to the code.

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Skyrim Cheat Strategy

If you are playing Skyrim, you can get various codes for use in the game meant for different platforms. These codes help you achieve higher experience levels quickly, besides giving you additional weapons and armor.

If you are looking for ranged weapons, you can mainly use this cheating strategy. Be sneaky and replace the arrows of guards with any other type. Then you can later gather many arrows when guards discard them during practice.

Incorporating cheats into the game design and the development process itself might make things too easy for players. One crucial thing to consider in this is game balance.

Another fact is that many gamers prefer to do things the hard and right way. As for cheats, hackers will develop some irrespective of whether the developers account for them or not.

Happy gaming!

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