Here’s A Guide On How To Make Your Book Writing Job Easier

If you are a professional writer planning to write your next book or an aspiring writer, then there is some excellent news for you! The book writing process has become a lot easier with online tools to the rescue!

Writing a book in 2020 requires a balanced approach that combines traditional book writing skills and books writing software available online. 

So how do you start? Well, you need clarity regarding what you want to write about before you go searching for the best software for writing a book.

A book writing software can help you plan and organize your thoughts better and give you recommendations regarding grammar or flexibility of writing platforms, but you need to answer the all-important question, ‘why am I writing this book?’

Here A Guide On How To Make Your Book Writing Job Easier

Easy Steps for Writing a Book

Given below are some steps you need to follow for writing a book in the digital age: 

Who is Your Audience?

When you ask yourself who your target audience is, your book writing process will move a lot smoother. Find out what books are available, and if your book has something different to offer in the same space. 

This is an excellent way to find new ideas, and you can combine the notes you have taken from several books before you start. 

Find Out What Works

When you read book reviews in your niche, you will find out what your target audience likes and what they don’t like. This will build your foundation for what you want to write about. You need to ask yourself questions like, ‘who you are writing for’ and ‘how is your book unique?’

The answers to these queries will help you position your book in the market and create a draft. You will save time and energy in the book writing process as your idea will be firmly in place. If you are thinking of self-publishing, writing a compelling book proposal is helpful.

Identify Your Category

There are two categories of writers, painters, and plotters. While pantsers use a trial and error method of writing a book without deciding the plot, plotters spend most of their time in finalizing the plot before they begin writing the book.

There is no right or wrong category, and you need to tweak your writing strategy so that you optimize the time spent writing the book. 

Do Your Research

Reading books by authors in the same genre and jotting down pointers regarding what you have learned from those books is a great starting point. Online tools come in handy here and help you create digital records easily. 

If possible, interview people who are considered experts in the field regarding what they look for in the kind of books you are planning to write on. This will speed up your research. 

Define Your Purpose

As a writer, you will be spending most of your time by yourself. It would be best if you told your family members that you’re writing a book and that you’ll need to spend time on research and writing. You also need to ask yourself, ‘what do you stand to gain by writing this book?’ 

The exact reason should be clear whether it’s your passion, are you looking for additional income, or is this your stepping stone for becoming a full-time writer. Identifying the reason will keep you focused during those long periods of isolation. 

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Planning the Writing Process:

Since you will have other responsibilities, you’ve got to allocate time every day to focus solely on writing. If you don’t plan your time, you waste it. You need to cut some non-essential activities out of your life and plan your chores so that your writing does not suffer. 

After you decide to stick to your plan of writing every day, the next thing would be finding a dedicated place to write. Treat this place as your official place of work and that if you don’t report for work, you will lose your job. Get the place done up with inspiring posters, motivational quotes, or whatever you need to get and stay inspired. 

Get Started

Even with research, you need a deadline. You must start working on your first draft, and you can always do some research as you go along. Transfer your ideas from your mind to that blank page. 

Don’t get overworked about your rough draft. Your rough draft will have flaws, and smoothing the rough edges comes later. Set yourself a target every day. 

It could be 500 words per hour or 1500 words per hour. Your outline and notes should be readily available, and this could be facilitated through a book writing software. 

When you are searching for the best book writing software, make sure that the software you choose has all the tools you need. Compare the features offered by different software before you make your final decision. Focus on keeping your readers engaged, don’t lose sleep wanting to just write a bestseller!

Overcome Writer’s Block

Don’t aim at perfection; let your ideas and situations flow. Give your mind a break and draw some inspiration from books, listening to a podcast, or strolling down to your local art gallery.

Monitor Your Progress

Treat your writing venture as a project and find out if you are on track. This is possible when you break your project down into smaller achievable parts. Find out if you have been able to complete the chapter, paragraph, sentence, or sections that will be your milestones.

Prepare a tracking sheet with the deadlines for each milestone in your project. Tick off every milestone you complete, and this will give you the impetus to go for the finish line without much stress! Celebrate the completion of a milestone in your own way!

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Become an Accomplished Writer the Easy Way

There are a lot of online tools at your disposal that will make your writing job a breeze. However, you need to know the exact reason why you are writing in the first place and what you want to achieve. 

Like any other activity, you need to plan and be prepared to make mistakes. Use the best software and pour your heart out into your writing.

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