A Brief Explanation of the Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft 365 is an office software package developed for the purpose of allowing the companies to manage all the work with ease.

Microsoft 365 can be defined as a set of applications that execute automated office tasks; that is, they provide automation and boost office productivity.

The very first version in 1989 had only two basic packages: one formed by Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word, and another that added Schedule Plus and Microsoft Access.

What sets Microsoft Office 365 apart from older versions of MS Office is integrating all aspects of cloud applications. It is a subscription service, which means that users pay a monthly or annual fee to use it. Also, there is the inclusion of upgrades to newer versions within the price.

Microsoft Office 365 backup Solution

Still, Microsoft is not responsible for your critical data, which might get you stuck while operating on the platform.

Now, let’s start with a few standalone tools.

The first standalone tool is Microsoft Whiteboard.

Microsoft Whiteboard

It is a Whiteboarding tool that can be downloaded on IOS and Android and becomes a straightforward way to collaborate with others in real-time.

The second one is Microsoft Editor.

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Microsoft Editor

Editor is a Grammarly-like competitor that can be used on Chrome and comes inside of the Family and Personal Plans that we’ll talk about here.

Of course, you can get these with a Microsoft Account, and you can even get some of them without a Microsoft Account if you want to.

On to project management and in that regard, one of the big Project Management Software out there is called Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project 

Microsoft Project allows you to make project management and excellent quality project management applications with plenty of Gantt chart abilities included within the Project.

And it does sort of clash with some other applications, but it is a standalone application at the same time. So, if you want to draw some diagrams and flowcharts, Visio will be the application for you.

It is very similar to Microsoft Whiteboard, allowing you to create these great flowcharts and visuals that make you and your team’s meeting a little bit stronger.

And finally, one of the Microsoft applications that have increased, is Microsoft To-Do.

Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do is a free app, available on your mobile device as well as on desktop/laptop and is meant to help with managing individual tasks. Where other apps will work best on team activities and tasks, To Do is a personal usage app that can help you manage your time. 

This app is a smart daily activity planner with the ability to share content with other users but focused on yourself and your own to do list.

Explanation of Microsoft Plans

Family and Personal 365 plans are relatively new within the Microsoft Office package. They include the essential Office 365 tools:

  • Word,
  • Excel,
  • PowerPoint,
  • OneNote.

That being said, you can also get Outlook and Publisher via a PC-only link. Additionally, you can get Access, Microsoft Access, a Database Management Tool, in PC access only through the Family Personal plan.

Furthermore, you do get access to Skype and OneDrive. It provides you with data and storage for all your files.

Both these plans, the Family and the Personal Plan, include all of these applications, which grant you licenses and access to downloadable apps. It makes it easier to get work done, though.

So, Microsoft has something called their Business Basic Plan, and they don’t include any of these applications here. You can only access the online versions of this in the Business Basic Plan. Anyway, you do get access to Microsoft Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, and also OneDrive.

In the interim, inside of the Business Expander Plan, you get access to all of the applications, making it easier to manage your Microsoft Account.

On the other hand, the actual changes happen when you get Business Premium. You will have the privilege to have access to Azure Protection Information and also Intune as well. With the Enterprise Package, you get access to Yammer – a social network feed for you and your team.

Yammer operates slightly differently from Teams, allowing you to post conversations and feed, just like running Facebook for office needs.

You also get access to Sway. This app enables you to create presentations and demonstrations all inside the applications, like a bit more advanced PowerPoint. Stream is also available through Enterprise, which gives you essentially YouTube-like access and creating and uploading your videos.

So, one of the things that Enterprise users tend to like is the Planner. Microsoft Planner is similar to a Kanban, Trello competitor that allows you to create boards and manage cards inside it.

Now you do get access to PowerApps and Power Automate Apps, which essentially allows you to build more substantial applications that you already use. 

Essentially, low code or no code access can allow you, in Teams, for example, to create these Bots. In terms of analytics, you get something called Power BI Pro and My Analytics if you and your team need to have better control inside your data.

Another app is MileIQ. With MileIQ, you can track your mileage on the go, and it can be used as a standalone application.

So, there are two that I missed out, and one is Microsoft Lists, which isn’t available; I believe it’s coming later this summer, but that will probably become available in the Business Premium Plan.

There is also something called Microsoft Fluid, which we’ve done a video on, but essentially will authorize you to take elements from Word, from Excel (for example, tables), PowerPoint slides. Also, it makes them more intractable, like Elements that work across these applications.

So, we’ll probably see that in the future as a way of cross-collaborating between all of these apps.

As mentioned earlier, all of the apps cannot run within the Microsoft 365 package if there is no proper Office 365 backup for it. Microsoft may note that they keep safe your crucial data, but in reality, they don’t.

The Office 365 backup they provide is not recommended at all. In this case, the proper Office 365 backup can be provided through a third-party vendor with proven records and thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

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Managing Microsoft 365 can be challenging for multiple companies if they do not acquire the exemplary Office 365 backup service for their needs.

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