All About MUL-T-LOCK & The Advantages of Interlocks

Exxon Mobil predicts that by 2040, half of all new cars that will come off the assembly line will be hybrid. The majority of car enthusiasts are having the same question- how could I protect the car from theft with minimal financial expenditures? Paradoxically, but almost everyone gets the same set – cheap alarm, standard factory immobilizer, and steering lock, but this is not always true. Some of the motorists choose MUL-T-LOCK gearbox and they at once see the advantages over the standard alarm systems. Let us have a closer look at this mechanism.

To protect the car from breaking it is necessary to install a special device for blocking. It is always mounted inside or outside the car. An excellent choice is mechanical Mul-T-Lock locks, which are used in the car for protective purposes. You can see this system in the rented cars as well. Many car rental companies at offer such models in every big US city. For instance, you can find them in AVR car rental Las Vegas and other AVR locations. Pay attention to it, when you will hire a car because this way you will save yourself from worrying about the security of your car.

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The origin of the ‘MUL-T-LOCK’ word is a kind of derivative from the name of the same name Israeli firm, which is engaged in the production and release of locks of the highest quality and secrecy. Products of this company are characterized by excellent quality and reliability. With this device, the car will always be under full protection against theft or hacking. These mechanical interlocks are installed directly on the hood, door or on the gearbox.

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Today, under this concept, various anti-theft mechanisms are manufactured by various companies. However, none of the manufacturers of locks (except for the Czech ‘Construct’ company) could provide the same quality and anti-burglary characteristics as the Mul-T-Lock cylinders. This made that company the market leader in mechanical anti-theft protection and the name of their blocker is now synonymous with any lock for the gearbox. The first mechanisms, of course, differed from the current ones in their obvious brutality and primitivism, since they represented locks on brackets, which secured the gearbox curtain with a V-shaped bracket. However, a little later, universal locking devices with a pin mechanism appeared on sale. Today, the variety of interlocks is quite striking in its choice. They could be for the gearbox, the steering column, and even for the hood. This is a very effective precaution against possible theft, which is mounted imperceptibly from strangers and does not harm to either the interior or the exterior of your car.

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Why not every car owner chooses MUL-T-LOCK blockers?

  1. The overwhelming majority of motorists simply do not understand the degree of protection of this or that alarm system (they have many pitfalls). They simply trust the opinion of an “experienced” manager in the car store.
  2. Having given a lot of money for a new car, many newly made car owners do not have the slightest desire to invest on top of the cost of a car considerable sums for anti-theft systems.
  3. Any car enthusiast without exception wants to quickly leave the car dealership and taste the feeling of freedom while driving, having at least some kind of safety net for the car as an additional alarm.

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The main advantages of Mul-t-lock for cars are:

  • Simple robust design with a minimum of moving parts, which are durable
  • Usability – everything is literally at hand
  • Manufacturer’s warranty on the high quality of the materials from which the lock is made
  • The complexity of dismantling the lock
  • Inability to make a duplicate key without a special card
  • The impossibility of simple selection of the key
  • The core is resistant to bumping, acid and liquid nitrogen
  • Protection against drilling and turning the core
  • Cabin ergonomics saving
  • Does not demand service throughout all term of operation.

Which lock is best to install by yourself?

These are the options for the interlock self-installation:

1. Arc lock

It is the easiest type of lock for construction and in terms of installation. Its installation does not affect any structural units of the car, because the fastening of the locks is made outside. This type of blocker has several disadvantages. Such a lock fixes only the control lever, but not the link of the gearbox. From an aesthetic point of view, bulky design of an arc lock would simply look inharmonious in the cabin, interfering with the gear shift.

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2. Pin Mul-T-Lock

When the driver leaves the vehicle, he/she inserts a pin into the special hole until it clicks, which means that the gearshift mechanism is completely blocked. It is retrieved with a key, also with a spring-out click.

3. Built-in Mul-T-Lock

If you have the necessary knowledge and are confident in the strength and skill of your hands, have the necessary tool, you can safely try to mount the pinless blocker on the gearbox. Nevertheless, unfortunately, sometimes there are nuances that are not specified in the instructions and this worries unsure car owners.

4. Engine Compartment Lock

Perhaps this is the most reliable of all mechanical gearbox locks. It blocks the gear shift directly in the engine compartment on the box. If an intruder penetrates the cabin and disconnects the cables and nods of the gearbox control mechanism, this person will only waste time, because it will not give any result. This device is recommended to be installed together with the hood lock. The whole stuffing mechanism is under the hood when only a hole for the key is in the cabin. The reliability of this design is directly dependent on the correctness of its installation. Installing it requires much more skill and effort compared to previous versions.

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Having concluded from the foregoing, we can safely say that the winning alternative of self-installation gearbox lock is the engine compartment lock. Anyway, each blocker is reliable and much better than any standard anti-theft systems. Choosing a suitable blocker is up to you.

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