3 NFT Stocks to Buy

NFT or Non-Fungible Token is a unique digital asset that contains its own unique identities and characteristics, which you can verify using blockchain technology. This is the type of crypto token you can use for any digital item, such as digital arts, digital trading cards, video clips, and others, which you cannot duplicate or copy in terms of its original digital ownership.

It contains information about who released the asset, the current owner, and various other unique identifiers.

One example of NFT is Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, which sold for around $2.9 million to a Malaysian entrepreneur. Anybody might take the screenshot of the first tweet and copy it around, but it’s different with NFT.

The NFT form of the first tweet is only one of a kind, meaning only one person owns it, as it contains the digital certificate that gives the token various identifiable information. The information will then get verified on the blockchain network, making it impossible for anyone to fake it.

Thus, NFT will become as valuable as any rare physical item that got sold or auctioned for collectors.

3 NFT Stocks to Buy

Benefits of Owning NFTs

Owning NFTs is like owning rare valuable items in the real world. The only difference is that NFT stocks are digital assets that you can verify using blockchain technology.

When you own an NFT, it means that you own the original version of that digital asset, no matter if it is a video clip, artwork, GIF, or any other. Blockchain technology will verify your digital ownership, which allows no manipulation, theft, or fraud to happen.

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Here are the benefits of owning NFTs:

  • It keeps on rising in value. NFTs have gained popularity in recent times, and more and more people are considering them as a potential investment. More companies also take part in creating NFTs and make their digital items available for purchase as Non-Fungible Tokens.
  • Great resale value. Some NFTs have great resale value, so it is an excellent investment you can keep for future reselling. Some rare digital artworks exist as NFTs, which the current owners can sell later for higher profits.
  • Secure platform. NFTs have native integration with the blockchain networks, which is the same secure platform used by cryptocurrencies today. It is secure, and it eliminates any chance for frauds or thefts to happen. So, your digital assets are always secure.
  • Original ownership. By owning the NFT, you own the original copy of the digital asset. So, for instance, if you buy an NFT for a certain digital artwork, you will own the original copy of that asset, even though it might get copied or shared via various means later. The digital ownership remains to be with you.

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Best NFT Stock to Buy #1 – Cloudflare Stream

Cloudflare Stream gives the users the ability to deliver streaming content with great speed and stability on their website. When you use this platform, you can host your own streaming videos on your website and let the visitors to stream them in the best quality possible.

The good news about Cloudflare Stream is that video creators can now embed the NFT data into their videos. So, they can distribute and sell their videos online as NFTs.

With the ability to embed NFT into the streaming videos, there are endless opportunities for the users to distribute and sell their original videos to others.

You might find plenty of unique videos from Cloudflare Stream that are worth owning as NFTs, which can be worth more if you sell them later.

Best NFT Stock to Buy #2 – Dolphin Entertainment

Dolphin Entertainment is a company that deals with the production and marketing of various movies and music, and the company is very active in promoting its products on social media. With many products related to the music and movie industry released by this company, you can expect many valuable NFTs to buy from this company.

You can consider investing in their NFTs if you are into music and movies and would like to have the original owner for some of the digital items released by Dolphin Entertainment.

Also, with a strong social media marketing promotion, many NFTs from this company might rise in value in the coming years.

So, it can be a brilliant investment idea for you, and remember, Dolphin Entertainment is the company behind some great movies that won Oscars over the years.

Best NFT Stock to Buy #3 – Liquid Media

Liquid Media is another promising company that you can monitor in terms of the NFTs they will release in the coming years. This is a production company that helps video game developers finance, package, and distribute their video games.

Video game NFTs might rise in popularity in the coming years, just like any other digital assets like artworks, video clips, and others. Game collectors will try to own various digital assets related to gaming, as they already spent plenty of money collecting physical media for games.

So, Liquid Media seems to be a promising NFT stock you can at least monitor for now. They might offer interesting NFTs for the public in the coming years, which relate to the video game industry.

Remember, physical gaming items can increase in value over the years. So, the digital assets related to gaming can also see the same type of treatment in the market.

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These are the NFT stocks you can buy in the coming years. NFTs keep on rising in trends in recent months, which is a good indicator that they will become the digital assets people prefer to own or invest in the coming years.

However, it remains to be seen if these NFTs will become the future of digital asset distribution, where people can buy and sell original pieces of digital items via the blockchain network.

With the uniqueness of NFTs, you can pick the ones that resonate more with your own interests. For instance, if you like video games, it’s good to invest in NFTs related to video games.

It will give you an enormous advantage, as you will know the true value for each NFT and how you can profit from it. But, just like any other type of stock, some NFTs can also bring you losses. Be aware to choose only the right ones to own and invest in.

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