Honest Playster Review

Playster is an entertainment service which serves the worldwide audience. It works on the subscription basis and provides on-demand movies, television shows, music, video games, ebooks and audio books. Playster has revived the digital subscription model which was struggling, particularly in the field of ebooks. The Playster app can be used anytime, anywhere through your computer or mobile phone.

The subscription model followed by playster is quite different from other similar on-demand services available. It has brought together the multiple types of media under a single subscription. You get an unlimited access to over 250,000 ebooks, 50,000 audio books, thousands of games, and millions of songs for a monthly subscription.

Subscription Plans Offered by Playster

Several membership options are offered. An all-inclusive pass is available for $24.95 a month, giving access to its games, movies, books, audio books and music. You can also choose to access a single type of media for a lower monthly fee.

A complete breakdown of all the different prices and plans Playster offers are given below:

Plan Media Included
(All Unlimited)
Price Cancel Anytime?
FREE Trial for 30 days! Audio books Basic
Audio books Basic Audio books Under Basic Plan Only $14.95 Yes
Audio books Premium ALL Audio books $29.95 Yes
Books Only Books $14.95 Yes
Music Only Music $4.95 Yes
Games Only Games $4.95 Yes
Movies Only Movies $3.95 Yes
Playster Unlimited Audio books Premium
$46.95 Yes
All Media Audio books Basic
$34.95/month Yes
Combo Box All Media
Including Audio books Premium
Android Tablet + Headphones
$34.95/month No, 12 month contract

There are plans which are inexpensive and give you an unlimited access to the exact media you want to use. Decide on the plan you want to take up based on which you like the best and use the most.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Playster

Here we have listed few of the Playster’s advantages and disadvantages.


Free one month trial– Before subscribing to a plan, you can take a free 30 days trial. This cut out the guess work and let you know whether it can fulfill your requirements the way you want or not. However, you need to put in a credit card number to begin your free trial.

Unlimited access– there is no restriction on the access to the huge catalog of audio books and ebooks available with playster. This is not the case with Audible which is also an entertainment service.

Covers a wide stream of services– you get access to movies, games, books, audio books, music, your favourite T.V. shows everything under one platform.

Switch devices without any hassle– you’re listening to a book on your computer and then you want to continue to listen it further on your iphone. You can do so without any effort. Playster allows its user jump devices without pain. It lets you start from where you had left earlier on another device.

Provides 24/7 Support– the help desk can be contacted anytime through live chat, phone or email to solve your queries, if any. However, in the site’s current design the support information page is hidden. It doesn’t show up on the homepage. You have to go to your account and use the top menu to access it. The company’s phone number is also not provided. You need to ask the live chat team in case you want to talk to someone on the phone. FAQs, tutorials and search bar helps you find the information you’re looking for.

Allows customization of the playback speeds– you can chose the playback speed you want which is not possible in case of Audible.


Misses some titles– you’ll not get all the books in the required language. It is like only 80% of the books people search for are available and 20% are missing. However, perhaps those 80% are enough to listen to for 5 years!

You’re not allowed to keep books– your access to the resources is over as soon as your subscription expires. You are not allowed to keep the books you downloaded. But very few would want to listen to the same book again!

Playster’s basic plan is more of a myth– playster has two plans as we know: Basic and Premium. But you’ll find all the books you would like to listen under premium plan ($29.95) only.

Playster Audiobook Review

Playster offers books and audiobooks for all tastes. The books from various genres are available. Their catalog includes everything from classics to mystery, YA, children’s literature and many more.

Playster offers 30 day free trial and various other options, depending on the content you want. The basic subscription to the audio books costs $ 14.95 and gives access to 40,000 audio books. The premium package costs $ 29.99 with over 100,000 titles from bestselling authors such as James Patterson, Stephen King, Danielle Steel, Dan Brown, and George R.R. Martin. It also makes the new titles available the same day as they are released. Different plans give access to ebooks, music or videos.

The app includes the standard audio book player features. You can set a timer for zero to 24 hours in case you drift off while listening. It has a variable playback that changes the pace of narrator’s voice from half to 2x the speed. You may distract while listening. An adjustable jump length is a way to get back to the last part you paid attention to. You can put bookmarks but there is a set 30 second jump length. The readers have the option to customize this setting.

Playster: Legit or a Scam?

Playster is fully legitimate and not a scam of course! There are few posts and reviews of angry customers who faced various issues and addressed playster as a scam. The ways to solve these are mentioned below:

1). Sign up using playster.com. Do not sign up using the app because they follow their own pricing structure and charge a lot more. Few playster reviews mentioned that the users clicked on an audiobook only to get a pop up telling them it’d be $40 or $60 to upgrade (Playster.com says it’s only $30). These people were using the app that followed its own pricing structure and it seemed like Playster is a scam and charging more money than they claim. To avoid this don’t use a third party app.

2). Use credit card instead of a debit card. To activate the free trial, an email address and a Visa or Mastercard credit card is needed. Few people faced issues signing up with a debit card. This is not the case if a credit card is used.

3). There’s no Cancellation fee. There may be a $1 pre-authorization hold pending on your account, which is returned within 3 business days.

How Authors are Paid?

For authors it’s the best deal! On reading 20% of a book, the author of is entitled to get 70% of the profit. The deal is better than from Kindle Unlimited (KU). The author is given the right to choose whether or not they want their book to be in the market place.

Playster Audiobook Verdict

Playster offers the best value of the audio book memberships. The monthly membership gives unlimited streaming and digital downloads facilities which make it the best option if you listen to more than one book each month.

It follows the Netflix model i.e. you can access the library of eBooks, games, music, movies and audio books till you’re Playster’s member. You lose the access as soon as you cancel the membership.

You get only 80% of the audio books you search for and 20% are missing. But this is not something serious because you have got 80% of them lined up for you to read through years.

Playster Final Verdict

Playster is the best if you look for an entertainment app with limited restrictions. It has brought all the services under one platform. It is very convenient to use with different membership plans.

Subscribe for the premium plan if you go through two books a month. You’ll have to spend only $30 per month to listen to as many books as you want. It is a very profitable deal if you compare with other companies like Audible. However, if you don’t listen to only one book a month then playster is not the best option for you.

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