Best JustDubs Alternatives for Free

JustDubs has always been a popular choice for watching videos or movies online. The JustDubs online library is capable of addressing a wide variety of interests. Just dubbed anime has saved millions of anime fans when they were searching for the right website to stream anime. It gives you high quality anime with accurately dubbed subtitles. The various perks of JustDubs has helped it be one of the best stops of every anime lover.

We don’t want you to miss out on watching your favourite anime because you didn’t have enough of options. There are great alternatives which stream unlimited anime with dubs like JustDubs. This article aims to give an analysed and properly reviewed description for the best alternatives of JustDubs. Check out all of your options at a quick glance with the help of the list below:

  1. Gogoanime
  2. Crunchyroll
  4. Animeland
  5. Animestreams
  6. Kissanime
  7. Watchdub
  8. AnimeUltima
  9. AnimeStory

All these websites have their own perks that make every single one of them your best option. You can continue with any of them depending on what suits your taste. You can even keep switching between websites and continue your favourite anime in any situation. To understand how each website is a great alternative for JustDubs, read the below descriptions:

Gogoanime (

The most popular option out there is Gogoanime. This website has extensive advantages when you are looking for something that gives you quality content with apt dubs. The perk of unlimited streaming without going through the hassle of signing up or subscribing is amazing.

It is a great alternative for JustDubs anime fans as you can get HD quality anime of any genre out there right here on Gogoanime. Gogoanime has been on every Otaku’s list for streaming anime. You can not only watch what you know, but also stay updated and find more treasures through this library.

Crunchyroll (

Crunchyroll shows up as one of the top results whenever you want to watch a show or movie or anime online. The smooth navigation it provides to go about with the options is really appealing. You can download whatever video you want by just clicking on the download button.

You can decide the quality of the video as per your preferences. This has about all the options available on JustDubs online library. You are able to access an immense amount of episodes which are of almost 25000 or more in number. The inbuilt video player and excellent stream speed make it one of the best options. (

The name of the website explains the purpose and attributes of this website. It is the heaven for all otakus out there who want just dubbed anime or subbed anime. You can be assured to find any anime out here. It could be something as popular as Onepiece or something which isn’t mainstream such as Cowboy bebop.

This website provides you with a huge list of HD anime like JustDubs. It is even accessible through any type of device which would make any otaku happy. You can lie down on your couch and access it through your mobile or get some good food and watch anime on your laptop.

Animeland (

Shot out to all anime enthusiasts who know that Animeland is a great option to binge on anime. You can get HD quality videos of a wide range of episodes and easily access them. The website doesn’t specifically require an additional player to view the content it has.

Animeland acts as one of the most apt alternatives for just dubbed anime or subbed anime, whatever you choose. Every otaku would celebrate to be a part of an anime land, this website is their online space to watch the best of anime in peace.

Animestreams (

Animestreams is one of the most attractive and easy to use websites for anime lovers is Animestreams. They have amazing GUI which makes all the content of the website so organized. The stream speed of this website is another appealing aspect of the way it functions.

Lots of people suggest this as an alternative for JustDubs due to all of its perks. The speed and neatly expressed categories make it a popular choice. You can spend less time searching for your anime but you can be sure to find what exactly you wanted. This website gives you all of the anime in HD quality with excellent delivery.

Kissanime (

Kissanime has always been a popular choice of any person who has tried to watch anime online. Any otaku out there will tell you that you’ll find whatever anime you want on this website. This is a one stop to get any type of content related to Anime. The content could be pictures, videos, external links, completed shows or anything, just perfect for any anime lover.

Get any just dub anime over here with an additional feature of being able to add subs for those videos too. You can easily navigate through this website and figure out all the amazing perks it provide. Get ready to download or watch anime on one of the best websites.

Watchdub (

Watchdub gives you what exactly the name of the website tries to express. It gives you unlimited content of dubbed anime which can be accessed easily. It is one of the biggest platforms to get content similar to JustDubs.

Any anime enthusiast who watches dubbed anime will recommend this website. The advantages of this website really make you want to use it again and again. The website has its own multimedia player thus you don’t need any other video player to watch dubbed anime.

AnimeUltima (

Looking for an ultimate solution to stop searching for dubbed anime? Check out AnimeUltima. It has everything you need to get the best experience of watching anime. It is an amazing choice for an alternative if you’re used to the way JustDubs works for streaming anime.

AnimeUltima gives you dub anime episodes with additional subtitles so that the user experience is of top class. The website’s design is simple and easy to understand which is very appealing. It provides you a quality experience in style and modest fashion which makes it stand out.

Animestory (

Get an experience that is worth being told as a story from Animestory. This website gives you everything you could look for to get the best of dubbed anime. You don’t have to sign up or get any sort of paid subscription to enjoy all the great features of this website.

You can search for the anime you are looking for in an organized manner through the precisely sorted categories. Once you check it out, you will know why it is one of the best alternatives for JustDubs. You can even download the episodes of your favourite anime directly from Animestory. ( is probably the easiest option to remember when you are trying to search for a website to watch anything. Either it’s a show or just dubbed anime, you can bet that has it. One of the most attractive features of this website is the diverse options of content you can access.

Even the speed of the videos is modified as per your internet speed automatically. You can sign up to receive more perks of the website in an active manner. A user who has signed up can download their favorite episodes from directly without any hassle.

Final Words

Now that you know where you can go to instead of JustDubs, stay assured. There are so many websites which understand your love for anime and are capable of giving you amazing experiences. Get on with our elaborated list and decide which is your favourite stop to stream anime. You can always switch to another website if you are facing any issues with the one you currently use. All these websites are designed in a way that any anime lover will be able to appreciate and use efficiently.

The interface of these websites is extensively attractive and organized in a manner that makes it easy for a user to use. You can search for the anime you wish to watch through given categories and other tools. Every Anime enthusiast deserves the chance to watch the anime they want with the best dubs and uninterrupted experience.

This list is what you need to know when to make a switch of your website and where to go. Hope that you are able to have a great time watching whatever anime you want. Let it be Naruto or Castlevania, these websites have your back.

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