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Books are one’s best friend. So are you fond of reading? The technology has brought forward ways for people to enjoy books in a digital way. It is quite difficult to go physically to the bookstore to get the books of your choice. This led to the emergence of online book stores. Today there are a number of applications available online to download books in the digital format without hassle.

You should use a proper channel which will provide quality books. People might be interested in reading books either in a traditional way or in a modern way. However, ebooks have emerged as a popular alternative. was a popular website with millions of free ebooks in its database. People could download different kinds of books based on their requirement for free from bookzz. It was considered as one of the best ebooks downloading site.

Bookzz org offered millions of books for free. The books were listed on the site and you could search your book by entering its name in the search bar. But the website was closed due to piracy reasons. It was found to violate some privacy guidelines. There are many other sites also where you can read and download books for free. However, each has its own advantages as well as disadvantages and you should consider both.

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Best alternative eBooks sites to

1. domain was blocked due to privacy reasons so was launched with a different domain name as an alternative website of The eBooks can be downloaded easily from the online site for free. is a highly attractive site because of its customer navigation systems. You can choose your book based on your interest and passion in terms of genre, author, etc. There are a total of 2,780,670 books and 52,429,917 articles available to select from.

2. Booksc

Booksc domain is similar to that of bookzz and You can download the eBooks from various foreign authors without any cost. There are a huge amount of followers in America and Europe due to their exclusive collection of books.

It also has a huge collection of scientific articles and research work so if you are looking for information related to research work or technical skills come to Booksc. The site has over 50 million articles which can be helpful for research. It has a supportive mega search bar where you can search for eBooks category-wise.

3. Library Genesis

It is one of the oldest Russia based sites for reading and downloading books related to science for free including PDF downloads. Its database has more than 52 million articles from about 50,000 publications.

Library Genesis is facing legal issues because of the pirated access provided to books and articles. You can access the scientific articles, magazines and other works free of cost.

4. FreeTechBooks offers a fun-filled interface and design which keeps the user busy and occupied while searching for books. It has many similar features as of Bookzz and offers plenty of options so that the user can easily pick up the book of their choice.

The site has free and legal online computer science, engineering and programming books, textbooks and lecture notes available. The site uses terms like ebook, text, document, monogram or notes to refer to books.

5. Google Ebookstore

It is owned and operated by Google. Google Play Books offers both free and paid books online. You will find hundreds of classics, contemporary, bestsellers and much more. Books of numerous genres (business, traveling, romance, fiction, literature, etc.) and formats (ePUB, PDF, etc.) are available with reader reviews and ratings. The app is user-friendly where you can read books within any device you own.

6. Book Boon is the largest online publishing company in the world. There are more than 800 books in their library and they constantly add new books every week. The website supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, etc. There’s no registration process required for the download.

The site offers a 30-day free trial after which they charge you 4 dollars per month.  You can freely access the eBooks in PDF format. The books belonging to different categories like Economics, Engineering, IT, Marketing, Management, Communication, Software, etc. are available.


It is one of the best bookzz alternatives because it offers both content and convenience for users. A huge library of classic eBooks is there. The books from new authors are also available. A lot of audiobooks are there for you to choose from. Different genres are covered like Sci-Fi, Romance, Business, Self-Help and much more. The surfing interface is pretty good. Choose from the featured eBooks, check the Top10 list, latest arrivals and latest audiobooks.

Register yourself with, activate your free account, browse through the categories or search for the eBooks in the search bar. You can select the TXT or PDF as preferred format and enjoy your free read.

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8. Gutenberg

The books available are free of cost and have been assembled with the help of thousands of volunteers around the world. There are broad categories of various subjects and the latest uploads can be found on the top of the homepage. The site provides an excellent user interface with no need to register or login to access its service.

There is a read online option also. Over 58,000 eBooks are available. The old books whose copyright has expired are also found here. You don’t require any special app for reading any sort of books through Gutenberg.

9. Open Library

This open virtual library quite similar to Wikipedia since it’s an openly editable catalog. You can access the site for free. The books belonging to different genres like religion, music, medicine, history, plays and much more can be surfed. There are more than one million books to select from. The books can also be searched using the author name and subject type. You can contribute to the site through your webpages.

There’s a huge catalog of old books for any subject whose hard copies are not available. The readers prefer to compare the authors based on their writing style, content and other aspects. Open Library gives reviews for the readers to understand before choosing the book to buy or download. This saves both time and money while reading books daily.

10. Ebook3000 is a very good option for because of similar book options. A lot of new books is constantly added and the developers take care that the site is up to date. The ebooks like Playboy, Purely Legal, and Purple Candy are available here which are otherwise hard to find. The adult books are also available.

There is an option of searching any book by ISBN number directly. The books can be easily downloaded compared to other sites. The user interface of the eBook portal is simple and effective.

11. Internet Archive

It is a newcomer and has 50 million eBooks to download from. The site has everything from text files, webpages, and eBooks. There are 12 million text files, 500 billion webpages to search from. You will find everything once available on the internet here.

The old junk files which could be important to the current generation are found here. This is particularly popular among tech people. The eBooks can be downloaded free of cost.

12. is a popular website for both older and younger generations because of quality reasons. There is a wide range of books to read and download from the site quickly. This is a reputed site in the market and offers plenty of options for people to search their favorite books.


If you wish to download the technical books then this one is the best option. Youth today prefer to download from numerous sources in an effort to enhance their knowledge base.

14. offers an easy to use interface and navigation system. You can read and download books for free. Tons of books are available in various genres.

15. Text Book Nova

The interface of the site is suitable for both beginners and experts in computers and gadgets. It presents a quality choice for both old-timers and young readers.


The site serves readers from all over the world with multiple choices to download in a quick span of time. The users can conveniently check for the right book and download it.

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Conclusion was a great site for online readers. Unfortunately, it has been closed but there are extremely good alternatives available, few of which we have mentioned above.

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