Best Anime Torrent Sites

Anime has seen its rise in the last few decades as a global phenomenon rather than just restricting to its native land Japan. It is an animation that is developed generally from a manga (comic) as a base storyline.

Best Anime Torrent Sites

Anime like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Full metal alchemist, Death note have shaped and been a part of a whole generation. So there is no doubt that people would still want to see their favorite anime online and watch it in their own time. There are many online streaming platforms present for viewers such as Crunchyroll but many users would like to download their favorite anime and keep it for a later watch.

Torrent is a great platform for people who want to access these anime. A lot of torrent sites exist that will help you watch your favorite anime in no time. But downloading torrent from illegal sites may lead to more harm than entertainment for yourself. Even some top torrent sites are prone to such faults.

Though another major problem with torrent sites is that they are blocked by some of the prominent nations of the world. The list of the nations that have put up a torrenting ban is:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • UK
  • India
  • France
  • Australia

Many torrent sites are actually infected with viruses and it is really difficult to find those that are safe and will provide the viewers with what they want and if you are one of those people that are in search for safe anime torrents and are looking for best torrent sites then you are at the right place.

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So here is a list if best torrenting sites that will help you get that anime torrents:


One of the most popular and top torrent websites is It is the best torrent website and this is because it has a huge library that includes nearly almost all the anime torrents. Since the site does not accept public submission it is difficult to find a bad torrent over there.

But a couple of years ago this site went completely private and now is not accessible to new users unless invited by the admins themselves. Once you open the website it will require you to log in and only old users are allowed access to the website.


Another one of the top torrent sites is Nyaa. This website also owns a huge library of anime, shows, music, etc. What makes this website worth visiting is its very user-friendly interface that helps in easing the experience. The user then types a keyword in the search bar it will automatically show the desired torrent to the user.

It also provides the user with the number of seeders and leechers with each torrent so that the user can himself decide whether to or not to download the torrent. Other information such as the file size is also provided which can help you determine if you have space on your disk for the torrent or not.


Animetorrents as the name suggest is another one of the top torrent websites. It is considered to be a single stop for anything related to anime. Having a vast library only help its name and provide the users with many options to choose from among the anime present. have legit and working torrent links thus one can be assured of uninterrupted and safe downloading of their favorite anime. User comments enable is one of the best options as it helps a user decide whether the anime is good or not.

These features make the website one of the best torrent sites out there for anime. Its user interface is only a plus for the website making downloading torrents a child’s play.


Do not go on the name of this website as names can often be misleading. This torrent website is easily the most useful and has a very interactive user interface which makes the whole process of downloading torrents much much easier.

It is easily one of the top torrent websites. It provides the user with different categories by classifying the anime into different genres. Horriblesubs also specifies the release date of the torrent thus further enhancing the user experience. It also provides torrent into three different resolution- high, medium and low.

Thus making it easier for its user with low internet speed or fewer data to watch their favorite anime.

5. is not the best torrent website for anime torrent but all sorts of torrent can be found here. This website is very old and thus trustworthy. This website is regarded as one of the largest if not the largest library of torrents for music, games, shows and even provide a decent amount of anime.

ISOhunt has a user-friendly interface which provides the user with search results at an astonishing speed. You will be surprised to see your favorite anime into the ISOhunt library.

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When a few years ago Kickass torrent was shut down pirate bay replaced it as one of the biggest torrent websites. So it may not come as a shock to you that it also has one of the biggest collection of your favorite anime along with music, games, and movies.

Though pirate bay has a really good interface the advertisements can sometimes be a little annoying. The ads on the website seem to be triggered by clicking on the page to know your keyboard shortcuts before entering into the Piratebay!!!


Another top torrent website providing a vast library of anime torrents to its user. With an easy to use the website and a simple interface, Anirena comes easily among the best torrenting websites out there.

Sign up is not required for downloading content from the website but if you want to upload and give back to the community you need to sign yourself up on the website.

One of the special things about Anirena is that it provides not only links for anime but also for the manga. So manga lovers can also found what they are looking for easily on the website.


Boasting of the biggest anime library, Animetosho certainly lives up to its claim by providing hundreds of free to download anime on the website.

You can easily download your favorite anime instantly on the website without much hassle. It has a very user-friendly interface and easily ranks in the best anime torrent websites out there.

The torrents available on the website is legal and downloading is pretty easy making it one of the top torrent sites.

9. Shana project

Providing torrents for anime and movies only Shana project has a huge library of anime content for any anime lover. You can easily find one of the most popular anime and the new ones are available too.

A search bar is present on the top of the website’s home page to make it easier for visitors to find their favorite torrent and enjoy. The homepage also contains all the popular and most downloaded anime for the user to decide if they want to watch what’s hot!


The last entry on the list is Anime layer which provides a vast library of anime torrents and a hassle-free download which makes the user keep coming back for more.

This website is not as popular as the others are its user-interface which becomes a headache for a new user. The above list is by no means from best to worst. All the above-mentioned websites have a good review from the users.

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Final Words

Anime is now more popular than ever and because of the ever increasing effect of the internet and torrent is the one stop for entertainment. But beware as many countries continue to ban torrents for being illegal, accessing torrent websites in your area may be a federal crime and may land you in prison.

Now no one wants to go to prison for watching anime so it would be better if you can afford a good VPN (Virtual Private Network) service which will help you in keeping your privacy on the internet and keeps you anonymous. So be safe and go out there to get your favorite anime with these torrent websites and enjoy yourself. Happy torrenting!!!

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