Top 10 Best Tunngle Alternatives

Long gone are the days when children used to come together and have a LAN gaming night together. Some epic games like counter strike and call of duty 5 were one of the most popular games to be played on any LAN gaming night. But since most of the children have now grown into adults and nowadays new online games have overtaken the LAN games people often end up missing those old games and maybe just to get a nostalgic feeling to end up on the old games but without people on LAN with you, these games are not so much fun to play.

That’s where Tunngle came in and revolutionized the gaming community by providing a virtual peer to peer connection for gamers who are still interested to play these games. The user interface of Tunngle was really simple and setting it up was no rocket science either.

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Tunngle’s LAN emulation features help the user play any games online that supports IP based gaming with LAN. Tunngle was a great software for those who wanted to play relive their childhood or people who still enjoy the old games on LAN and wants to play with their friends who are sitting miles apart.

Tunngle was not only the part of the gaming community but also an integral part of many organizations who use Tunngle to connect privately and securely over vast distances with a P2P connection.

But sadly the services of Tunngle came to an abrupt halt last year on 30th April. The reason given for the sudden shut down of Tunngle was because of the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation.

As soon as the news got in the community a search for an alternative for Tunngle was started. If you are one of those people who are in search of a replacement of Tunngle then you have come to the right place.

Best Tunngle Alternatives

LogMeIn Hamachi

This software was developed in 2004 and is capable of creating a peer to peer connection and creating links behind network firewalls without requiring many configurations, the software just acts like it creates a LAN network between the computers on the internet thus making it easier for a new user to access and utilize its features.

Available as a production version for both the Microsoft and macOS it is still in the beta phase for the Linux operating system. For paid users, the application runs in the background on idle computers while this feature was earlier free to use it is not so anymore.

SoftEther VPN

SoftEther VPN is a free and open source software which provides multiple protocols like OpenVPN and Microsoft Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol. A multi-VPN, multi-protocol software that also supports NAT traversal or Network Address Translator traversal used for peer to peer sharing over a network. NAT traversal allows running VPN servers on computers that are behind the gateways, firewalls, etc.

Pros: wide range of options, VPN could be run on any port.

Cons: It would take a lot of time for a new user to configure on the server side.

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Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN is another peer to peer connection oriented software, it helps the team of people connect with each other over long distances. It establishes a connection across various systems as if they were present on a LAN.

One of the most famous( or infamous) drawbacks is that it does not protect your privacy at all. This software though is fast and very similar to Hamachi in many aspects but the cost.  Radmin VPN is free to use the software.


  • Whereas software like Hamachi requires registration of the user, Radmin VPN requires no such registration.
  • No limits per the number of users.
  • Fast speed and good ping.

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An open source software. FreeLAN is another peer to peer connection software that as can be induced from the name is free for all its user. It uses a full mesh topology and techniques using a virtual private network that makes the connection between two systems secure and the experience enjoyable.

If two systems need to connect with each other using FreeLAN then a certificate must be shared between the two users. User A should have a specified path in its configuration file to B’s certificate and B’s configuration must have the relay enabled.

One of the main problems that the user faced with this software was that it was hard to configure and the user must have some basic knowledge of technical skills. The software also sometimes closed abruptly but it did not happen too often to be a problem.


A VPN client for famous operating systems like Microsoft and Linux this program also establishes a P2P network between devices and forms a virtual LAN connection for the user over the internet. Using the Advanced Encryption Standard or AES the data is encrypted and compressed before being sent over the network.

Wippien uses an intermediary server to establish a connection between two clients. The connection is completed by the following steps:

  1. The client logs into the server.
  2. If two clients that know each other and have each other in their contact list are online a connection is established.
  3. The connection is established using an intermediary server and it exists between only the two users.


Another software to establish a peer to peer network between various devices like mobile, laptops, computers and other embedded systems. Also known as a social VPN this can also be used between sites and companies as well. This software also is capable of creating connection behind NAT.

ZeroTier uses various techniques like Hole punching and Session Traversal Utilities for NAT which are a standardized set of methods to connect two devices behind NAT or firewall effectively.  It can have 100 peers( maximum ) per network.

This software is available for free for private users but costs a minimal amount for companies or website use.


GameRanger, unlike other software, offers its services for primarily the gaming world. Developed by GameRanger technologies it works on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. It provides an online experience for multiplayer games like counter strike 1.6, call of duty, etc.

It also provides various additional features for its user like private chat rooms and voice chat which enhances the users playing experience. The software offers three types of plans for the user. The basic plan is free and supports most of the games but would only be playable with a maximum of 50 players.

Silver membership would accommodate 100 players give the user access to voice chat and exclusive chat rooms and offer more games including the ones in the basic features at just $ 19.95. The gold membership costs $39.95 and will allow the user to create chatrooms and remove ad banners from the software. The software also has a 30-day refund policy.


A free and opens source application which can connect users using peer to peer( P2P) connection over the internet. It uses virtual private network techniques to create a secure connection in bridge configurations.

It provides a simple and effective VPN. VPN services like OpenVPN and IPsec are complex to set up and often end up disconnecting and take a lot of time reconnecting thus making it harder for developers to find and remove bugs.

On the other hand, WireGuard reduces these issues by offering a tunnel which is easier to handle by default. Thus making it stand out among its competitors.


This is a software framework designed for peer to peer connections and a GNU package. This software offers encryption, resource allocation and peer discovery over various transports like TCP, UDP, etc.

It uses a mesh topology and includes various P2P applications in the main software framework which is up for distribution. The software also offers features like chatrooms and file sharing.

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Tinc is another open source freeware and it also provides a peer to peer connection over a network. It is self-routing and uses mesh networking. It compresses and encrypts the data to be sent on virtual private networks.

It is available on a vast variety of platforms like Linux, Windows, Mac but not limited to them. It also has full support for IPv6.

Though Tunngle was a great software now it’s gone and sometimes it is better to move on. With this variety of alternatives in the market, it would be really easier to choose what you would replace Tunggle with. So plan that LAN game party or work in your company over a LAN network regardless of the distances with these powerful Tunggle alternatives.

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