Best Putlockers Alternatives [UPDATED]

Everyone wants easy access to movies, TV shows. It is the era for watching new content on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. These platforms give easy access to movies and popular TV shows. The only drawback to it was the payment factor. That problem was solved with sites online which used to provide movies free. Such websites became famous in a short span of time. It provided HD quality movies and it was free.

Gone are the days of going to cinema halls for watching a movie. People, instead prefer sitting at their home’s comfort with their popcorn ready to enjoy the movie. Also, the easy accessibility to these sites has made it easier. One of the important sites for these movies and TV shows was Putlocker. It was a big name among students and college going students. It was started in the United Kingdom in the year 2011. It was used so widely and by so many that it had to get banned in 2016.

Why Was Putlockers So Famous?

Putlocker was one of the most famous sites for streaming movies to this date. It was so good because of the following reasons:

  • It was free of cost streaming of movies.
  • Secondly, it had so many filter options to choose from. The users could filter through the movies and TV shows year wise, genre-wise, alphabetical order wise. It was very convenient.
  • Thirdly, it didn’t have many popup advertisements which would be annoying in different sites.
  • Lastly, it used to have new movies within days of their release.  People who didn’t want to spend big bucks in the theatres could watch it through this site.

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Other Similar Sites Like Putlockers

The old Putlocker site has been shut down. They keep changing the domain address and the most recent suspended ones were,,,

The latest new site which has come up is The disadvantage with these sites is that they have many pop-up ads. They have so many fake downloads and all kinds of Trojans. It might get in different viruses in the computer/laptop. Therefore, it is wise to use antivirus programs with such sites.

The popups are quite annoying as it leads to different pages. We need to close these pages and go back to the old page for the movies. Advertisements also erupt in between. We need to watch them before playing the movie. Thus it becomes difficult to navigate such sites.

Here, we give in some alternatives to putlocker so there is no stop for you to enjoy your comfortable home show. Look at the list below:

#1 Solar Movie (

It gives a variety of genres and filters to search from. It is free and there is no need to register. This is one of the highest bonuses to get.

The media is of high quality and you can get unlimited access to movies and TV shows. So for all the binge-watchers, this is one site to look out for.

They keep changing the domain because of anti-piracy groups. It is currently found on It will definitely save you from the search of different putlocker sites.

#2 Niter (

This is another great platform to watch movies online. It has good quality movies. It has a layout and user interface similar to Netflix. This site is rich in content and has a dark background. It has all categories displayed on the homepage. It has various filter options too.

The streaming speed is good and allows full-screen option too. This definitely beats finding putlocker’s different domains. This site is a definite checkout.

#3 FMovies (

This site has become extremely popular over the years. It is one of my favorite sites to watch shows. It even gets game of thrones latest season with the US timings. One disadvantage with this is that the site is blocked in many places depending on the piracy laws. Different domains have to be tried.

The movies are of high quality and also can be downloaded. It offers subtitles. There can be advertisements coming up in between but with such a rich span of movies, it is definitely worth a try.

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#4 Vudu (

This is for watching movies, TV shows online. It is like an all in one package. The site has many genres ranging from horror to action to suspense and romance. So all the people who like a bit of thrill and suspense this is a site for you to check out. They have all categories on the homepage but they do cost.

Some of the movies can be watched for free by watching the advertisements. They don’t ask you to subscribe which is a boon. Movies can be downloaded and watched on mobile devices whenever. There is a disc to digital feature. You can turn your Blu-Ray or DVD collection into digital movies with it.

#5 Amazon Prime (

As we talked about it earlier, this was one of the platforms for movies. It is one of the best platforms for movies in terms of quality and content. This one is not free. It has a great reliability factor. If you can shed in some bucks this one has to be checked out. It is better to pay for this than your TV cable connection.

It gives access to prime originals, latest movies, ad-free music, and benefits of purchasing from Amazon store. It runs on multiple platforms and be screencast. Definitely, something to invest in for the year for its wide variety.

#6 Hulu (

Hulu is a great platform with thousands of movies and shows. It can be streamed anytime anywhere. It also gives access to the Hulu library which has no advertisements. It also lets you enjoy some of the Hulu Originals.

There is a need to subscribe for this site. It can be subscribed for a free trial. If it suits you, you can choose a plan suitable for you.

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#7 Moviefone (

This particular site is free and cheap, which is a rare combination. It gives access to media which is in the movie theatres. Easy streaming of your favorite shows. Another added feature is you can share and interact with a worldwide community of entertainment fans. They even have a podcast called ‘Can’t Wait’ on iTunes and Google.

There are some unique features to them called Unscripted video series which has gained a popular following. Fone Finds which gives a wide variety of premium content. Reel Meals which pairs movie-themed menus with your favorite films.

This is quite great because you can binge on your favorite food with suitable films. The most popular theme is Summer Sequel Smackdown which lets users vote on their favorite and best summer sequel.

#8 WatchMoviesFree (

This is a site with a good layout and they offer easy navigation. They have descriptive titles. The homepage shows all the categories which are spanned in large number. They are also classified based on country and genre.

They even have cartoons so all the old school cartoon fans can enjoy that. They have a list of top-rated IMDB movies. The website is free and has good quality streaming. It never lets you get bored.

#9 YesMovies (

This site is uncluttered. These sites have all major names in the movie and series industry. The contents are listed according to genres, country. It gives a popular series of a particular country.

This site is well structured and has good descriptive tiles. It has adult, documentary, musical, Sci-Fi, Animation. It even includes sports. All the missed out matches can be watched here.

#10 Channel 131

This is the last alternative for putlocker. It isn’t that appealing but gives a 90s effect. It has all the popular shows you want to watch. It has a list of all the popular shows that you want to watch and can be readily seen on the homepage. The site’s format and arrangement are not appealing and causes problem navigating them.

Final Words

This is a great list for movies and TV shows to binge watch. There are many more sites to check out but these are some of the famous ones. Some others like popcornflix, losmovies have almost the same features like these.

Putlocker is dead! So what! We have a plethora of sites to choose from. The binge watching of shows and movies will never end. Thanks to all these sites we will never be in short of watching movies anytime anywhere. Happy watching!

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