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Having something more is always great. We humans love when we things in excess and a lot more options. When we have options for entertainment it is like having the cake and eating it too. Everyone loves free movies and sitting in your own comfort and watching them. There are sites available for watching these movies and TV shows. Rainiertamayo was one such site which provided with free movies and TV shows. But sadly, it stopped working. But there is no worry for those who love watching movies in their cozy beds.

There are sites available which are alternative to this one. These sites provide the same free movies and TV shows and even provide better HD quality.

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What Happened to Rainiertamayo?

Well, the site worked well but it got shut down. It had problems and it is not working now. But there are alternatives which can provide you a plethora of free movies and TV shows and different genres with great quality. Some of them even allow you to download movies and TV shows. Here are some alternatives:

#1 FIXTOR (https://flixtorme.github.io/)

This is a new platform with a great design. It has all the latest movies and TV shows. There is a slider at the top which shows the most viewed movies and TV shows. There are categories to divide it into TV shows, My list, VIP section, etc. You can click on watch movie now and select from any server. Here you go start watching!

#2 HULU (https://www.hulu.com/)

Hulu is one of the sites which is very easy and user-friendly. But it needs a basic subscription and after that, you get unlimited access to movies, TV shows. It is similar to Rainiertamayo. You can stream without any problem and watch full episodes.

#3 NITER (https://niter-movies.com/)

Niter is one of the best alternatives. This interface is so easy to use and can watch unlimited movies. The search bar is available which can allow easy navigation for movies and TV shows. The user can also find through genre and that is the best way to watch movies. Niter has a section which shows the latest news about upcoming movies and its progress.

#4 MOVIE4K (https://movie4k.ag/)

This site has such wide options ranging from old movies to new ones. There are many links provided for the movie and each link has different quality. The smiley next to the link shows the kind of quality of the video. This helps users understand which link has the best quality. You can search for movies through various genres too. Just click them select the link and start watching.

#5 PUREFLIX (https://www.pureflix.com/)

This site is perfect for family get- together. They have a collection of family-friendly movies and one can relax with their family and have a movies night. It can be watched on various devices like iPad, smartphones, Tablets, and PC. This is surely one site to explore with your family.

#6 POPCORNFLIX (https://www.popcornflix.com/)

This website has tonnes of movies ranging from comedy, drama, thriller, horror, romance and all other genres. This site features web and film school originals. Another great thing about this website is that it is free and no account needs to be made for this. It serves to offer a free ad-supported streaming video.

#7 ALLUC (https://alluc.uno/)

This site has 80 million streaming links and 700 VOD services. Simply put in your movie in the search engine and click on it to watch. If you don’t remember the movie you can always find movies which other people are watching and choose from there. Alluc provides warning for advertisements and annoying video sites.

#8 YES! MOVIES (https://www4.yesmovies.gg/)

You can watch movies with different qualities. It loads fast and you can see which quality to select from cam quality and HD quality. All HOT movies are featured at the top. You can read the summary before watching the movie and decide which movie you want to see. You can watch from Top Watched Movies and Top favorite and Top rated movies.

#9 COUCHTUNER (https://www.couchtuner.click/)

This site as its name suggests is definitely a Couchtuner. It makes you stick to the couch with this site. Couchtuner provides the best series to watch. All episodes of the best series are available here. You can go through the TV listing page and the titles are arranged alphabetically. It gives easy access to TV shows.

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#10 XMOVIES8 (https://xmovies8.is/)

The database of this site is very vast and brings everything around the world. You can search for movies by the director’s and actor’s name. various genres are available and one key point is that users can see the latest trends on the watchlist on the website. This is time-saving and provides better convenience for them.

#11 HUBMOVIE (http://hubmovie.cc/)

Majority of movies can be seen and different qualities are available. The websites also list different entertainment shows. It is important that users can even put up a request for the movies they want to watch. It also allows you to filter movies with different genres. It is one of the quickest sites.

#12 FMOVIES (http://fmovies.to/)

In light of streaming, this is one of the best sites. You can install movies in supreme quality. The website has many movies and in different languages and they provide your extensions. There are less amount of advertisements and hassle-free watching.

#13 SONY CRACKLE (https://www.sonycrackle.com/)

It is owned by the Sony Picture that means it has the quality of film with a hundred new flicks. The site is free but does not compromise on the quality. The only problem it has is that it shows short advertisements but you can always get your popcorn ready at that time. Thus this is the best online site to watch and relax on the couch.

#14 AFDAH (https://afdah.info/)

This site is amazing and provides movies by country and you can choose from a number of them. The site is compatible with smartphones. You can browse through genre, country, year and in great quality. It has different genres like action, romantic, sci-fi, Film Noir, Animation, etc. This site is incredible and has a collection of HD movies. The web design is well built and it is easy for beginners. You can also watch TV shows with movies.

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#15 VUMOO (https://vumoo.life/)

New movies are there on the top and the latest movies can be watched. You can also check popular movies for free. It also lets you watch TV shows for free. You can watch anything ranging from classic movies and even popular movies and TV shows.

#16 GEEKER (https://www.geeker.com/)

This site not only has movies and TV shows but also music, PDFs, e-books. One can watch high-quality movies and can download and install music from there.

#17 MOVIES4U (http://movies4u.com/)

This site is capable of satisfying the addiction of people. One can watch movies, soaps, TV series, reality shows. It gives a variety of movies for people of all age and tastes. The site is attractive with bold letters. You can search the movie by typing it down in the search bar and can watch it. It has a user-friendly interface and that is why it is popular with so many people.

#18 YIDIO (https://www.yidio.com/)

It is easy to sort flicks by ratings, R, PG-13, and G as well as by genre. Yidio is a platform which collects content from multiple subscription-based video streaming providers. This site aims to solve the problem of numerous streaming providers different content. It gathers all the providers onto one platform. This alternative also contains television programs by genre or source. It shows program description and rating’s that are provided from Rotten Tomatoes.

#19 POPCORN TIME (https://popcorntime-online.ch/)

Popcorn time is one great site to download movies and can stream instantly on your various devices like windows, android. There is a software file you need to download and open to get access to unlimited movies and TV shows. There is no need to pay any amount for this service.


This site covers all tiles including movies, latest, fashionable, IMDB. You can select from movies viewed by other people using this site. It does not many TV show options as compared to movies. But it does give great quality and it is free.

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There are so many options in the world to watch your favorite movies or TV shows that you don’t have to depend on one. You can choose any of the options that best fit you and can sit back and relax on the couch. These never get boring and the best part is that they are free! So have fun and relax at your own house. Gone are the days of DVDs and renting movies when you have the movies at your doorstep.

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