How To Download GBWhatsApp APK for Android?

Well, almost every smartphone user uses WhatsApp as it is the most popular messaging application all over the world. And, yes, you would have also installed it in your device. But have you started feeling bored with using the same application for years? So, why not switch to its other alternative? Yes, guys, I am talking about gbWhatsApp apk for android. Well, you might be or might not be aware of this app. Well, I will apprise you about it and yes, of course, about its downloading process also.

Well, gbWhatsApp apk is a similar version of the official Whatsapp with some extra smart features. These features develop the user’s interest when they use this app. You can use two applications of Whatsapp on a single device because gbWhatsApp has a different package name.

Well, as I said above, the original version and this modified version are almost similar, users will find the difference only in its user interface with some add ons of other features? Since you can use two applications simultaneously on a single device, I would recommend you to use the general WhatsApp as well as the modified version. So, that you can compare them easily or say, you can enjoy using both the types of WhatsApp.

I think, now, you might be thinking about whether it is legal to use gbWhatsApp or not. Aren’t you? Well, earlier it was available on play store, so it was totally legal to download and use it. But after DMCA takedown, gbWhatsApp is no longer available on play store. Well, many sites still offer a link to download it. So, you can download it from there for free if you want to use this version.

After gbWhatsApp apk download, you can get other modified version as well as you can make changes according to you. Well, you don’t need to root your Android device to install gbWhatsApp on it, so you can enjoy using its remarkable features without any loss. Well, it is completely safe to use GBWhatsApp on your Android.

So, now, as you are stress-free about its legality, you can now Download GBWhatsApp apk for Android. So, let’s have a look at the simple steps which you need to follow for downloading it. Well, installing gbWhatsApp supports the same steps as the other app do. So, it would not be difficult for you to install or download it.

Features of GBWhatsApp

  • Well, the most fantastic feature of gbWhatsApp is, it offers around seven hundred themes to its users. It means you don’t need to have plain white wallpaper every time, you open your WhatsApp, you can set your wallpaper according to your choice.
  • Now, you can share the files without worrying about the length or its reality. Yes, guys, if you want to share a video with your friends, you can edit it send it no matter whatever the length of the video is.
  • The emoticons which you will find in GBWhatsApp are not available in the official version. Well, many a time it happens, the emotion we want to express through WhatsApp, we don’t find that emoticon in the list. And so, we are unable to express our feelings. But if you have GBWhatsApp apk download on your Android, you will find the best collection of emoticons.
  • Well, along with these features, users are very impressed with its privacy features. With GBWhatsApp, you can hide your online status, second tick, blue tick, recording, writing status, hide view status, and blue microphone.
  • It happens sometimes, we want to use the WhatsApp but don’t want to know the people that we are online. So, guys, after using GBWhatsApp, you will get the solution to this problem. You can hide your online status so that it will show offline to everybody and you can freely use the GBWhatsApp.
  • This mode also offers the feature of hiding a second tick. It means if you have hidden the second tick, so even after receiving the message, it will show the single tick to the sender. Well, the same thing you can do with the blue ticks also.
  • When you are recording your voice, you can hide the recording status from the group or any other contact. Well, you can even hide the writing status whenever you are typing a message.
  • If you want, your friends don’t get aware of your view on their status, GBWhatsApp offers you this feature also. Well, when you open the voice recorder, you can even hide the blue microphone for the group or your contacts.
  • Sometimes, it makes us curious to read the deleted messages. With the anti-revoke feature, you can read the messages which your friend deletes after sending it to you.
  • GBWhatsApp also allows you to apply privacy only to some limited contacts. It means you don’t need to put the privacy for everyone for some selected people.
  • Suppose, there is any WhatsApp status of your friend which you like, so, you can directly download it from their status.
  • If you want to turn off the auto videos and photos download to some specific contacts, visit their contact and click on media auto-download.
  • Well, the official WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to share more than thirty photos at a time. But with GBWhatsApp, you can share up to hundred files at a time without worrying about the quality. You can also share any audio or video up to 100MB with your friends.
  • Well, not only the files limit but GBWhatsApp have also increased the number of Contacts to which you can share media at a time. It means you can select up to two hundred contacts at a time to share the same stuff.

Download GBWhatsApp apk for Android

Step 1: Well, there are different versions of GBWhatsApp, you can download, anyone which you feel better by Googling “How To Download GBWhatsApp APK for Android?”

Step 2: Install the app after completing its downloading. You can locate the application on the phone’s file explorer or use the ES file explorer by downloading it from play store.

Step 3: Once you will install the app, open it. Now, enter your mobile number for verification.

Step 4: Enter the One Time Password (OTP) which you will receive as an SMS on your mobile phone. In case, you don’t receive the OTP you can get it via phone call.

Step 5: And now you can use this app, once you will verify the code.

So, guys, this is the simple process which you need to follow for a few minutes, and then you can enjoy the fabulous features of GBWhatsApp. Well, guys, gbWhatsApp comes with some additional features every month, so, keep on updating it regularly and enjoy the new remarkable features every month.

You might be thinking, since, the starting of this article, I am only talking about its remarkable features. But what are those features exactly? Haha, don’t worry folks, you can easily check out those features by installing GBWhatsApp on your device and see it yourself.

Final Words

It is all in this article. So, guys, download GBWhatsApp apk for android now and enjoy its fantastic features. I hope, you are clear with its process f download. So, don’t worry, install it on your device and enjoy these features which I have shared above. Thank You.

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