Top 15 Studying And Time Management Apps For Colleges Students

There are many studying and time management applications on Google Play and Apple Store that you might waste a lot of time choosing the most suitable for you. We have studied hundreds of apps to select the best ones, which will make your studying days easier and help you in planning your daily routine.

Time Management Apps

1. Rescue Time

Do you get used to reading EduBirdie reviews and stop managing your time? Download the Rescue Time application allowing you to control the productivity of your working hours. It tracks how much time you spent on each website or how long you used each app. All reports are visualized as charts. Set targets: indicate how many hours or minutes you want to spend in applications or on websites.

2. Self Control

This application is sufficient for those who are preparing for exams as it denies access to selected sites for a specified period. The program is designed for students who haven’t been helped by other traffic limiters, as it will not allow access to unwanted sites until the timer expires.

Re-booting your computer and deleting the application won’t help you. The time of each “block” is from 15 minutes to 24 hours. Before using this app, think carefully about the period in which you are ready to give up your favorite websites.

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3. Castle Quiz

The Castle Quiz application helps you to spend a little quality time and test your knowledge in a variety of subjects. After each intellectual battle, you can find the right answers and get explanations if you need them. Castle Quiz is an exciting application that helps you boost your knowledge before tests or exams.

4. Photomath

This application knows how to quickly and accurately scan not only printed but also handwritten math tasks quickly and accurately and solve them. Photomath supports arithmetic operations, including integers, fractions, decimal numbers, and mathematical roots; it knows how to solve equations; it knows how to cope with trigonometry tasks. If you are studying maths, Photomath is irreplaceable for you.

5. Todoist

A digital planner allows you to prioritize tasks and divide a large task into a series of subtasks. At first, it seems like a trifle, but in fact, it helps to overcome procrastination. As you know, our brain doesn’t like getting involved in complicated tasks. By dividing them into several small subtasks, we deceive ourselves: our brain begins to assess the situation as a sequence of simple tasks that can be quickly and easily done.

6. XMind

XMind is an app for creating mind maps, a visual display of information in the form of a tree scheme. They help to structure the learning material and remember it faster or organize your thoughts before writing an essay (if you have decided to write it by yourself instead of ordering it on

7. Focus Booster

The productivity-enhancing application with the Pomodoro technique: you split a large task into 20-25 minutes with intervals of 5-7 minutes. After every fourth period, you should rest for 15-20 minutes. Thus, you will do more without being overwhelmed.

8. Quizlet

It’s a must-have for learning foreign languages, history, vocabulary, and natural sciences. Use Quizlet before the exam period to create cards and training modules, search and use cheat sheets created by other users.

9. Headspace

This meditation app allows you to stay focused and attentive. Audio exercises help to concentrate on vital things, get rid of unwanted thoughts, to overcome stress and anxiety. There are even tips on what to do if you are bored while meditating. The developers claim that it’s enough to use the application for 10 minutes to see the result.

10. One Big Thing

The app keeps you focused on one most important goal during the day. You mark one goal and two or three secondary goals you need to achieve the primary goal. The app is designed in the form of stickers that are usually attached to a prominent place: such associations allow you to remember essential information better.

11. Nirvana

The Getting Things Done method of increasing personal efficiency says that for maximum performance, you have to free your brain from memorizing current tasks, leaving space for important things. The Nirvana app will sort all your plans by dates, projects, performers, and other parameters. Depending on the dates and categories, the task falls into one of the following sections: Next, Waiting, Scheduled, Someday.

12. BenchPrep

When you are too busy to drop in a college library or find visiting a library an inappropriate thing in the digital age, then it’s high time to use it. BenchPrep is an online library consisting of graduation courses or professional exams on a huge number of topics. The application includes hundreds of questions, cards, in-app purchases, and more than 1,000 classes on various topics.

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13. Engineering Professional

It’s a real catch for undergraduates who study technical subjects! The app contains over 700 formulas in mathematics, chemistry, and physics that are constantly updated and supplemented, so there will be no need to look for other options. Just save the formulas you need or add them to Favorites to make them easier to use and search.

14. Sworkit

To be productive in your studies, you need to stay healthy, but not all students find time to do sports. The Sworkit app will help you to keep your body in good shape. The main advantage of Sworkit is that you can choose the exercises you want to do and divide them into time intervals of at least 5 minutes per exercise. The app website has a large list of different daily exercises that can be varied according to your needs and workload.

15. Wunderlist

All tasks are organized as a to-do list that can be shared with other users. You can set a due date and a reminder to let you know what you need to do. The app allows you to create a separate to-do list, for example, to prepare for an exam or to improve your academic achievement. The application is simple to use as it doesn’t have unnecessary functions: you set a task, complete it, tick it, and, finally, close your task.

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