The Upcoming Game Diablo IV – How Does IT Compare to Its Ancestors?

The famous ARP Diablo has been around for quite some time now, and with every new release, it manages to gather more fans than ever before. Recently, Blizzard has shared information about their latest work, Diablo IV. The highly anticipated game was first revealed at BlizzCon 2019, and it stirred quite the uproar in the gaming community. Why? It has been years since Diablo III was released, and fans have been dying for new content.

So, what kind of a game will be Diablo IV? Will it be similar to its predecessors or different? And what can we expect to see from the upcoming Diablo game?

The Upcoming Game Diablo IV How Does IT Compare to Its Ancestors

Let’s discuss in detail, everything we know about it so far.

What’s New with Diablo IV?

The most asked question whenever a new game is released is how different it is from the previous version? Is there something new about it, or is it just a remake of the older versions? Indeed, developers often try to take inspiration from older games to tie the series together seamlessly. So, what exactly does Diablo IV have in store for us?

Developers have shared how much they have worked on the skill tree, providing more customizations for the players than ever before. As you unlock skills, new active skills appear as branches, whereas we have passive skills as the roots. They have also added leveling up of the skills as an essential part of the game.

There is a limited amount of skill points for players to work with, meaning they can either unlock a new skill or level up an old one. You can now gain unique components of that particular skill by leveling it up. Furthermore, players will not be able to reset the skills, so they have to be mindful of their choices.

Another massive change they brought in the game is the loot system. In the December dev update, we got more information on how weapons and item affixes have been changed.

First of all, we will now be able to get the powerful versions of the same item in the late game to further strengthen our weapons and armor. Secondly, the item affixes on rare items have been increased with five regular item attachments and a legendary one too. Furthermore, some of the items will be class-specific as well.

Blizzard also shared that for the first time ever, we will be getting cut-scenes in Diablo IV. Yes, you read that right, cut-scenes! The previous versions of Diablo used matte paintings and written dialogue.

However, now, we will be getting full-blown cut-scenes, and it doesn’t stop at that. Diablo IV will be completely 3D, and we will be getting cosmetic microtransactions as well. Blizzard is putting in a tremendous amount of work in Diablo IV as the changes are huge and well detailed too!

What’s more, Diablo IV will be a true Diablo game. Don’t get what I mean? It will be much dark and grittier, unlike any other Diablo game. Imagine that with the incredible IIID graphics! Sounds, crazy right? We will also be getting a partially MMO experience, where we will see few players in the town, but it won’t be anything crazy as Blizzard is trying to keep that dark aesthetic strong.     

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Is it similar to its predecessors?

We have seen massive changes in the Diablo IV gameplay reveal already, right? However, we also noticed quite a few similarities as well. Apart from all the new changes in Diablo IV, the unreleased game seems to be a combination of both Diablo II and Diablo III. It’s not uncommon to see devs choosing the best pieces of their games and using them in the latest versions just to create something truly worth the time and money of their dedicated fans.

With that in mind, how does Diablo IV compare to the previous games? There is good news for Diablo II fans as the unreleased game has a similar, dark and gloomy aesthetic as Diablo II.

That’s not all as Diablo IV will also be packed with customization in skill trees, allowing players to get creative with their builds. Item affixes for weapons will also be quite similar to Diablo II, and legendary items will be making a return. Another important detail that the fans will love to hear about is the return of the Druid class! Sounds really promising, right?

Additionally, Blizzard also shared that the end-game will be quite similar to Diablo III when it comes to rifts and dungeons.  Didn’t it feel incredible killing monsters in Diablo III? You will get the same dominating feeling in Diablo IV as well, where you will get ambushed out of nowhere, but it won’t be as often as Diablo III.

While many fans are absolutely loving the changes and similarities, other fans are not as impressed by the unreleased game and actually prefer Diablo III.  Do you also prefer the aesthetics and gameplay of Diablo III? Why not it till the release of Diablo IV? I get you might not want to spend too much time on it. However, fret not, and check out Eldorado for crazy deals on Diablo III gold and accounts. 

When’s the release date?

We have discussed most of the information shared by Blizzard about the upcoming game, but now only one question needs to be answered; When will it be released? At the moment, no specific details have been shared regarding the release date.

However, we know that Blizzard has been working on the game for quite a few years now, and judging by that, we can expect Blizzard to come out in late 2022 or early 2023.

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Final Verdict

The first sneak peek of Diablo IV gameplay in II019 caused a variety of reactions from the fans; Some were happy, and some were disappointed. Although the disappointment is certainly understandable knowing that Diablo III was released back in II01II, we shouldn’t judge the game so early. Many details were not shared by the devs, so let’s see how good the new Diablo game will be.

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