Create Algorithm Friendly Facebook Ads With These Easy To Make Templates


Figures can reel your head!

Consider this for instance, in just twenty minutes, on Facebook,

  • No. of links shared = 1 million.
  • No. of photos uploaded = 4.86 million.
  • No. of status updates = 763,888


Such big numbers! No wonder businesses are finding it hard to enhance brand awareness. And what with the continuously changing algorithms!

If you are one among those businesses wondering how to make algorithm friendly Facebook video ads, here’s first an inspirational story from Buffer to encourage you.

By October 2016, Buffer saw a drastic decline in their brand engagement. This was the time when Facebook updated its ad algorithm so that individuals were favored over brands. 

Taking matters to the task, Buffer cut down on its Facebook advertising by 50% and concentrated on creating quality videos and posts with multi-paragraph captions. They continued this strategy until 2018. 

And the results?

Buffer was able to triple its original reach from 44,000 to 1,20,000.

Yes, you read that right, Buffer tripled its reach!

Buffer’s course of action demonstrates the ability of videos to garner a greater reach. So, are you game in, to create some quality Facebook advertisements for your brand to triple or even quadruple your reach?

You really don’t need a professional video maker on-board to invest in this working marketing strategy. All you need is a template and sound knowledge on when to use what.

Algorithm Friendly Facebook Ads

Read on ahead, and be enlightened!

Easy to Make Templates

With these Facebook ad templates, you can save time and money while translating your marketing efforts into dollars. 

1. Product Ad Templates

With the help of product ads, you can advertise your offerings – services and products to your potential consumers. You can either choose to feature all your products or pick up just one product and discuss its value propositions.

Lavit is one of the brands that has done the product ads right. Check out their ad and garner inspiration for your product ad template.

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2. Promotional Ad Templates

You can use promotional ads to encourage new buyers to purchase and remind existing consumers of your valuable services and products. For instance, check out how Plastiq advertises its brand.

By investing in a promotional ad, you can let the world know who you are, what you do, and why you do what you do, authoritatively. So, get your hands on a promotional ad template and brandish your brand.

3. Educational Ad Templates

A great way to convince potential buyers to purchase is by educational ads. Take a look at how Sephora educates its prospects. It first introduces the viewers to the brow pencil by showing what it can do. 


Facebook Ad Templates

Then, through the before and after shots, it runs down to the available colors of brow pencil. 

It’s a simple yet effective way of educating consumers. You can also do so with the help of an educational ad template. 

4. Conversational Ad Templates

One of the great ways to engage with your consumers on an emotional level is through conversational ads. Though these ads do not directly convey anything about your brand’s services, they are wonderful to tell engaging stories. 

For instance, consider Beard Brand’s conversational ad. It doesn’t speak of its products, rather it effectively conveys its brand message “To Make Men Awesome” through this simple ad on how long it takes for a beard to grow. 

The ad is funny, engaging, and educating.

A point earned!

5. Special Offer Ad Templates

While you’re giving out seasonal or anniversary discounts, you can amass a great reach through the special offer ads. The typical benefit of using this advertisement is that it eliminates the whole buyer’s journey to convert  prospects into consumers. 

This can skyrocket your sales. By pitching directly to your potential buyers on Facebook, they can be re-directed to your website to make the purchase. Further, by putting up all the necessary information about the offer, you can eliminate unqualified clicks and thereby save money too. 

6. Event Ad Templates

With the help of events ad, you can promote a specific event you’re hosting from your brand. It could be your brand anniversary celebration, or it could be a webinar, or maybe a Thanksgiving promotional event. 

Either way, since the calls-to-action in an event ad, is specific, you can directly send your audience  to the ticket purchase page. You can drive these event ads to a select group so that they would appear on their News Feed. 

Events are a big part of your business, but getting people to attend them is quite tricky. This is why you need an event ad template to easily craft a creative and enticing ad to get your consumers on-board.

Benefits of Ad Templates

1. Easy to Make

In comparison to creating your video ads from scratch, templates are easier to customize. You really need no technical knowledge. 

And since many templates are available in different genres, like product ad templates, conversational ad templates, and the like, depending on your marketing goal, you can choose a ready-made template.  

2. Save Time & Money

Imagine having to spend four and twenty hours in creating a Facebook ad in contrast to airing your Facebook ad in fifteen minutes with the help of a template.

The results are mind-blowing!

You save both time and money. You get to concentrate on what’s important instead of re-inventing the wheel every time in your marketing campaign.

3. Maintain Uniformity

One of the key factors of establishing brand identity is by channelizing your brand voice uniformly across all platforms. If your brand is a stand-up comedy, you have comical ad templates to help you.

On the flip side, if you are a high-tech software product brand, then you have professional ad templates to make use of.

Either way, through templates, you can easily maintain a uniform brand voice.

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Over to You

Irrespective of the purpose of your marketing campaign, there are thousands of ad templates to choose from. And the catch, they are all algorithm friendly!

So, what are you waiting for?

Put your hand to the plow, and start airing your algorithm-friendly Facebook ads through the numerous templates out there!

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