Use it The Right Way: The Meaning of Some Emojis

At present, it is common for people to use different kinds of emojis when they communicate with other individuals. They use it in expressing themselves in chat or texts, social media, and other purposes. Most comments and captions on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have emojis on them, and it might result in more engagement or interaction. Ultimately, if you use the correct emojis, you can be more connected with people, and you might also make them smile.

Emojis Meaning Guide

When you communicate with someone, delivering the right message, especially the right emojis, will make you understand one another better. For you to be more educated when it comes to applying the correct emojis in impressing and engaging with someone, we have the list of standard but confusing emojis, with explanations and samples on how you can use them in any occasions. With that, here is the meaning of some emojis that you might want to know.

Middle Finger Emoji 🖕

The middle finger emoji is the representation of the well-known hand gesture that is offensive, which means utmost disgust for someone or something, extreme disapproval to behavior or actions, hate, or even evil mockery. Mostly, people use it alone, but sometimes they follow it up with other emojis to intensify the negative meaning of the message like the angry face emoji. Also, it’s commonly used in expressing a badass behavior and superiority over other individuals.

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Its popularity is also growing in western cultures. The middle finger emoji is showing hand back, and it’s the middle finger that’s only rising. In 2014, it also became part of the Unicode 7.0. In a simple explanation, the middle finger emoji shows the act of physically raising your middle finger, especially if you’re in a confrontation with another person. In some of the world’s cultures, this emoji is considered obscene. The gesture is obscene and translated as “flipping the bird,” “flipping someone off,” or even “giving the finger to someone” in some of the Western cultures.

Side Eye Emoji 😏

This emoji type is often used by people to show that they are smirking when someone is making ambiguous jokes or being sarcastic that might be serious or even out of context. Ultimately, the side-eye emoji can be used if you need to express your playful side, or if you want to make a joke and you’re not sure if the audience will have a clue that you are kidding.

For example, you playfully suggest that you understand almost all of the readers won’t be using the internet during the weekend, you can send them emails. The email should say, “While we know that you are probably itching to be working during the weekend(side eye emoji), we have compiled guides with recommendations for making a better balance in your work-life. Check this out.”

Sweat Emoji 😅

This emoji that is smiling and with a droplet of sweat is commonly used in expressing a close call. The sweat shows that there is discomfort level there, and that smile depicts a person who’s thinking, “That could have been bad, Phew!”

For example, if your colleague sent you a message moments before the urgent meeting starts, “Wait, where is the latest deck of reporting with all the statistics?” And you send that person back the deck with a message, “Do not worry, I got it right here(sweat emoji),” that alludes a satisfying feeling for both of you during a pressure moment.

Monkey Emoji 🙈

This emoji type is a cute method of expressing that you are embarrassed or shy. For example, you can use the monkey emoji after you make a mistake over something,  like telling someone, “I hope you enjoy the food, even though it wasn’t delicious the first time I made it(monkey emoji).”

Alternatively, people can use this emoji to show a feeling that they wish they had not seen a specific thing. It can be full of humor, specifically if you are sharing a funny video with a caption that says, “Yikes, that was too much though(monkey emoji).”

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Before using an emoji, it won’t hurt you to research first the meaning so that you’ll avoid delivering the wrong message and get embarrassed. There are many emojis, and some of them are confusing, that’s why always be careful when you use them so that you can communicate better with other people.

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