8 Applications of LED Flood Lights

LED floodlights are artificial high-intensity lights that provide uniform lighting and make perfect choices for industrial use. They provide adequate lighting to allow workers in industries to assume their duties as they would in broad daylight light.

8 Applications of LED Flood Lights

Industrial LED floodlights offer certain benefits which make them the best choice for outdoor lighting, and they include:

  • They make perfect choices for security lights as they provide uniform lighting which enables perfect capturing of images by CCTV cameras even at night.
  • It enhances safety in commercial areas, enabling people to walk around freely even at night.
  • LED floodlights offer high-intensity lighting since they have no focus or beam control.
  • There are different types of LED floodlights and the choice depends on where you want it installed. Most of these lights are designed for harsh environmental conditions since they are out in the open, and are hardly affected by rains or storms.
  • The manufacturers of these lights use special shatter-proof fixtures and sturdy castings which makes the lights long-lasting. Ideally, LED floodlights last longer than ordinary bulbs, with an estimate of 50,000 hours.
  • The long life of these bulbs makes them cost-effective. They also consume less electric power and require little or no maintenance.
  • Unlike other floodlights, the LED floodlights don’t emit heat, as they make use of less electric energy which minimizes the power transformed into heat.
  • LED floodlights are also environmentally friendly and highly recommended as they don’t emit toxins such as mercury, lead or carbon.

Applications of LED Flood Lights

1. Stadiums

LED floodlights make the perfect choice for stadiums due to their high-intensity lighting. They enable sports activities such as soccer, football, basketball, and car racing to conveniently take place at night.

Sports stadiums are quite large and it would take a large number of ordinary lights to illuminate. The arena and walkways also require sufficient lighting to enhance safety for everyone around. When installed properly, these lights not only Illuminate stadiums but also give them a spectacular view.

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2. Warehouses

Warehouses also require high-intensity lighting during both day and night time- this is due to their large size, being high above the ground without windows to let in light. Other reasons why only LED floodlights are the only lighting systems that work for warehouses include:

  • Ordinary lighting can be quite expensive and inconvenient due to the constant need for replacement.
  • Some of the activities that take place in warehouses also require sufficient lighting which cannot be resolved with ordinary bulbs.
  • Lighting systems that emit heat can impose the risk of fire in some warehouses due to the nature of commodities stored. The heat constantly emitted for prolonged hours can lead to spoilage of certain items such as perishables and medications.

3. Parking and Basement

Parking lots and basements of commercial buildings require adequate lighting, especially during nighttime. LED floodlights to enhance the security systems of these spaces preventing theft and attacks of people when walking around.

When LED floodlights are in place, the CCTV cameras can capture images of people and other vehicles enhancing security. Basements are quite dark even in the daytime and LED floodlights to make it easier for business to take place seamlessly in these spaces.

4. Security Perimeters

Security perimeters such as walls and fences require adequate lighting at night to prevent intrusion. Criminals have improvised ways around security systems and it would be unreasonable to rely on only one security technology.

Even with movement detectors in place, LED flood lighting provides the necessary lighting intensity to allow capturing of images for forensics.

5. Railway Stations and Airports

Without proper lighting, railway stations and airports would be dark more so at night. There are usually high levels of traffic in these areas throughout the day and night, which increases the demand for security and safety.

It is, therefore, necessary for the management to install the necessary LED floodlights, which not only help the visitors but also enhance service delivery by staff at these localities. Manufacturers of LED floodlights such as Phoenix Lighting provide different lights for all these public areas.

6. Apparel Stores

Apparel stores require adequate lighting both day and night. LED floodlights installed within the exterior spaces of these structures to provide the necessary lighting intensity to allow the shops to operate at night.

With these lights in place, people and vehicles can also gain access to the buildings with much ease.

7. Sea Port and Docks

LED floodlights are most effective in lighting areas in need of high-intensity lights such as seaports for the following reasons:

  • Seaports and docks are active during the night as in day time, and proper lighting is necessary for these activities to take place.
  • They have large spaces which require lighting for people to walk around with ease.
  • These areas also require high levels of security to prevent criminal attacks and theft.

8. LED Flood Lights for Growing Plants

LED floodlights provide natural light artificially. Most people are now using LED lights to help plants thrive indoors and in places where there is insufficient natural light.

Plants require both red and blue light spectrum to flourish. There are varied types of LED lights that provide different lighting spectrums, with others combining several of these.

The full light spectrum, for instance, provides a combination of all spectrums otherwise known as full daylight. People who use LED lights to grow plants save on cost as they require little power and also a small LED bulb can support a larger number of plants.

Unlike other lights used, LED lights don’t heat up and will not damage plants even when placed close to the plant.

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The use of LED floodlights is quite diverse. These lights have a lot of advantages for people with a need for high-intensity lighting. They also come in different designs for different uses.

For instance, you can get different lights for indoor and outdoor uses. Most people also opt for these lights because they are cheaper in the long run due to their energy-saving nature and durability.

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