8 Leading eSign Software for Small Businesses in 2021

eSign software is a component that is necessary for streamlining the processes of executing electronic signs for documentations. It helps a business and its digital collaborators sign a form or a contract online.

The best digital app makes it easy to systematize your signing process while offering you a better experience. In the apps listed below, several aspects around ease of use, supporting documents, and price have been reviewed thoroughly. Take advantage of the following top cloud platforms.

8 Leading eSign Software for Small Businesses in 2021


The eOriginal app gives customers a secure platform for the management and the safety of the value of electronic business transactions. It gives specialized transactional tools that make it easy to meet workflow, collaboration, and legal requirements.

It is a credible expert in services around asset management for enterprises in need of a legally compliant and secure tool. Based on 1,170 user ratings, the signature app has a usefulness score of 4.7/5.

With its 24-hour customer service, the eSign app platform allows you to carry out your business faster, offer a seamless customer experience, and reduce your operating costs.

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On the global platform, DocuSign is a leader in digital signatures. It offers a comprehensive agreement cloud, allowing businesses to automate and connect with how they prepare, manage, and sign their agreement processes. DocuSign gives businesses strong support in securing signatures digitally.

With this app, businesses are provided with the flexibility needed for continuity. DocuSign has millions of users across the world that rely on it for the acceleration of their processes. With this app, it is easy to append signatures and track documents.

The app also offers a superior signing experience, a standardized process, and increased agreement accuracy. If you have been involved in the sale or buying of property, you may have come across DocuSign. Some of its most outstanding products include:

  • Document analytics
  • Activity tracking
  • Identity verification
  • Integrations

It may not be the cheapest app on the market, but it is among the best solutions capable of covering both simple and complex signature requirements of any business size.

Adobe Sign

This signature app is provided by one of the biggest software brands. It is available on digital platforms and comes with many features. Some of its latest enhancements include:

  • Pharmaceutical firms compliance
  • SAP SuccessFactors integration

This app allows you to complete your business activities on Microsoft. It is simple to apply and is widely used around the world. Adobe Sign is a widely used platform that is excellent at giving its users the capacity to amend and sign forms.


This is an e-sign app owned by Dropbox, one of the largest used software for the storage and sharing of files. With many company documents being sent and received electronically, there is a growing need for convenience. HelloSign eliminates the need of signing and scanning files.

It gives the convenience to deliver signs that legally bind. If yours is a small business or you are a solopreneur seeking a reasonably priced platform with comprehensive services, this is the perfect solution.

If you have technical skills, you could take advantage of the HelloSign API online signing integration into your website. The API comprises the compliance tools necessary for any industry.

Secured Signing

This is a pocket-friendly app. It is cloud-based, which means that it can be easily accessed and signatures can be drawn from the laptop, digital phone, and desktop electronically. It makes it easy to avoid the tampering of signatures by providing a video confirmation component for verification.

The Secured Signing app supports PDF documents. It comes with many areas of impeding signatures for multiple signing. If you will not be signing many forms, this is one of the most affordable platforms in the industry.


SignEasy is a trusted solution for e-signs, used by millions of users. It is used to sign files, forms, and PDFs from any place, using a gadget of choice. While SignEasy is mostly used on computers, it has been upgraded and can now be used on mobile effortlessly. It is cloud-based, meaning you can access it at any time.

SignEasy has paid so much focus on simplicity, allowing you to annotate boxes for signatures. It makes it clear who should sign, where, and how. In addition, it comes with competitive pricing but also has more advanced and expensive plans.

Whether you will be signing documents frequently or are working on a more complicated process, this app fits into any situation. It is easy to get started, given that it has no learning curve and there is no required setup. If the features provided on the upgraded solution are something you would pay for, go for it.


PandaDoc has more than 18,000 global customers. It lays emphasis on workflow, speed, and insights. The all-in-one document automation platform streamlines business processes and helps in the simplicity of workflow and increased efficiency. It has a simple interface, is pocket-friendly, and has a wide range of features.

PandaDoc has a free plan, ideal for all organization signature needs. Whether you need to sign severally or just once, this is the perfect solution. If yours are basic signature requirements, the free plan could be enough.

You might need to advance your plan for certain tools, including salesforce integration and forms. PandaDoc makes it quick to upload and create files for signing.

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SignNow is one of the most outstanding and most revered solutions for collecting payment. With it, you can get paid through contract signatures without code requirements. You can also receive online payments and connect to your ideal platform.

While it handles more than would be expected of most signature apps, it goes a notch higher to provide an easy-to-use payment system. AirSlate powers this system, making it possible for you to connect to other systems, such as Stripe.

Depending on the needs and the size of your business, you will need an electronic signature solution that handles the details at hand. As your business grows, you may have to seek a better and more advanced choice. Whichever you settle for, choose an e-sign platform that is secure, one that you can trust.

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