Best Discord Bots

Are you a server owner? Then you might be searching for the most convenient and proficient way of boosting your server overall performance. There is a huge advancement in technology that has provided many different options to us with that. So, we just have to find out the right option and move ahead with it. And you will get impressive results from them and that is where the best Discord Bots come in play.

Discord Bots

What are Discord Bots?

The Discord Bots are a type of bot that has got the ability to enhance overall performance in the server. They will perform different activities in your server as well as help you to improve your server performance. Additionally, Discord Bots will help you get the work done in the most convenient way. Thus, it is very important that you take a close look at the good Discord Bots that are available.

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Discord is the fastest growing gaming network easily available to you and the best addition to a discord server are the discord bots since they will automate server management and bring a lot of fun. So, here we will look at the top 10 bots for the server.

1. Dyno Bot

Suppose you have recently set up the Discord server, Dyno Bot must be the first bot that you will install to upgrade the capabilities. It is the feature-rich bot, which gives you complete control over the features by using the dedicated dashboard, which includes auto-moderation with the Mod log, bans and timed mutes. It has been updated for detecting the mass-mention and raid spam in the community chats.

Dyno Bot is highly useful for airing the custom announcements, particularly when somebody joins, leaves and is banned from a server. It will assign roles to the users as well as post AFK statuses for you. But, the best part about Dyno is a fact that the bot generally comes with the Cleverbot integration and used for posting Overwatch stats and Google results but very importantly stream live music from YouTube.

2. Serum

Among many discord bots accessible to try out for server owners, Serum bots have received huge attention. With this bot, you are offered a chance to use the voice commands to get access to a lot of functionalities that are available. It is something you can’t find in other discord bots out there. Thus, it has contributed so much to the popularity of the Serum.

While you are using the traditional bot, you are forced to reduce the game screen to enter the command. It won’t provide the best user experience. However, when you get Serum, you do not have to think of minimizing its game screen. You can run this command with voice. It is the trouble-free and most convenient way of executing the voice commands. Thus, the improved user experience is offered by the Serum to people who are using this at the end of a day.

3. MemezBot

It is the Discord Bot that will make you laugh — the specialized bot to share random and specific memes, videos, funny images, and gifs. MeMezBot is the software made for pastime between the big raids, or takes a small break between 2 games and relaxes for some time as stress and anger will negatively affect your gameplay. You can share the funny memes with MemezBot discord alteration.

4. Zandercraft

Zandercraft is considered to be the most loved and highly favorite Discord bots that are available for the server owners. Thus, you may think of adding this in your article of the cool discord bots. Total package of a Zandercraft bot is made to focus on the chats, GIF, productivity, or other entertainment-related actions.

Thus, server owners whoever expect to get the maximum entertainment from the servers can get ahead with Zandercraft bot. This discord bot comes with some funky antics. It is one amazing feature that you can discover in the Zandercraft. Alternatively, it has got an ability of helping you to play XHD videos & music in the most convenient way. Thus, it is likely to use Zandercraft Bots and get your entertainment needs catered.

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5. Discord Dungeons

Suppose you are searching for the most helpful discord bot, then Discord Dungeons is an ideal option you need to consider. It can earn the best reputation from server owners as the helpful and best bots for discord. The help offered by the Discord Dungeons will help you make the life simple and stay away from any kind of hassle.

The Discord Dungeons is one most unique and one of its kind of bot. It isn’t only helpful, but will also provide lots of fun for server owners. While you’re playing, you can get in the RPG dungeon as well as engage with your game. After installation of dungeons on your server, it’s possible to go ahead & play in different platforms.

You can play on desktop clients or mobile platforms also. Besides, players can get the ability to engage with the trading activities through server also.

6. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki is the discord bot program that many streamers and dedicated gaming communities online use on the discord channels. It’s the software that will push you to post useful tricks since it’s possible. This makes you to talk with people in a discord channel.

The Discord Bot wants you to share out your ideas or your day with the discord buddies. And it is possible by offering the experience points whenever you share something very useful, and experience points that you have higher rank you will get in a discord channel. It’s a useful bot for a lot of gaming communities.

7. Couch Bot

This is the well-known and interactive bot that you may install to the server as an owner of the server. The discord bot has been designed specifically for individuals who are streaming content often. With help of the Couch Bot, you always can stay notified on people who are connected to the server that you have.

You can integrate several media streaming platforms on Couch Bot. it’s the highly unique and amazing features you will see on the platform. Some streaming channels you may integrate include YouTube and Twitch. Thus, you may easily enjoy the live content streaming. Also, you can use Couch Bot & send out messages straight to your server. Thus, you can easily interact with your audience through multiple commands.

8. GAwesome Bot

Gawesome Bot is the multipurpose and best Discord Bots with several unique and useful features, but some options, which let you ignore some other bots on the list altogether. Gawesome allows many variations like giving diverse roles to your discord members, giveaways, organizing poles, banning as well as kicking people out in case they break any specific rules.

The fantastic bot does this all and more! It’s the semi-automated service that increased usage as well as popularity of my discord servers. You will find sharing option and where people will share various memes, images, gifs or more!

9. Dyno Bot

Suppose you are the server owner and have new server, then you may think of moving ahead with Dyno bot. You may immediately include Dyno to the server. After that, you may increase capabilities of your server in the most convenient way. You also can discover many rich features in a Dyno bot. These features have actually contributed much towards the popularity of a bot among the server owners in the world.

10. StahpDozAds

If you‘re using public server, StahpDozAds can provide the best level of help to you. All along with the help given to you by the StahpDozAds, you may block several links. Furthermore, you can also perform kicks as well as bans without spending much effort.

You may allow StahpDozAds to ban them just by checking if they post any kind of offending materials. As the server owner, you can install StahpDozAds bots within one or more server. It will provide you with many benefits. For instance, you are configured links, which are identified as the trusted links & proceed. After that, you can set up links that get blacklisted.

With this, you will get the help of StahpDozAds bots to ban individuals who publish the blacklisted links on a regular basis. Thus, you can make life simple when managing your server. Because of all these reasons, you should add StahpDozAds bots in your list of the good discord bots.

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Everybody wants better management and music time to time! So, why not have both? Or the discord bot, which gives the rank that, depends upon how much you will participate in the community activities? And we have that too! There is no issue when it comes about discord due to discord bots having made this program a handy and helpful communication device that many gamers or non-gamers use daily!

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