Destiny 2: Useful Weapons and Electric Builds

Destiny 2 is a game that combines cool graphics, an interesting storyline, and a huge variety of weapons that can be obtained both for money and for completing tasks and game achievements.

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Destiny 2 Useful Weapons Electric Builds

In this article, we will analyze in detail, in our opinion, the most useful weapons in Destiny 2, and study several interesting builds. Below you will find a list of weapons that are most useful in PvE, by this we mean the ratio of characteristics and possible perks. 


Void linear plasma rifle, which is one of the best for dealing damage to bosses. Getting it at the same time is simple and difficult because you need a refined version, upgraded to level 17. This weapon is often used by streamers of Destiny 2 on the Steam platform.

To craft this line, you need to collect only 2 drawings that are given to you during the passage of a short chain of quests at the crafting machine in the enclave. After that, you create a weapon and go on a raid to Shuro Chi to pump it up to level 17, unlocking access to the following perks:

  • A charging frame.
  • Arrow-shaped brake.
  • Improved battery.
  • Improved “Triple Shot” perk.
  • Improved “Line of Fire” perk.

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Zaouli’s Bane 

The Sunny 140 raid revolver is in the second slot. This revolver can be called the most suitable main weapon, just like the FATEBRINGER revolver from the Crystal Hall raid. And if you compare it with previous seasons, it is perfect for replacing the CALUS Mini Tool submachine gun.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get this weapon in Destiny 2, because to collect 5 drawings, you will need at least 5 weeks, and in the case of the regular version, you can hope for luck by catching at least 2 perks:

  • High-explosive shells – due to the peculiarity of the perk, it indirectly allows you to ignore the indicator of the optimal distance because it does not affect the damage from the explosion.
  • Incandescence is, in current realities, the best AOE perk for dealing additional damage and stripping enemy groups.

Doom of Chelchis 

The Raid void scout rifle is in the second slot. This rifle has pretty good characteristics (especially stability), but it got into the list because of the presence of an extensive number of extremely useful or interesting perks that are perfectly combined. Only 2 combinations deserve special attention:

  • A firefly and a Dragonfly – a very unusual combination that, when killed at a critical point, causes a solar and void AOE explosion.
  • High Explosive Projectile and Dragonfly \ Madness \ Concentrated rage is already a more versatile option for various needs.

Smite of Merain 

Raid 390 kinetic pulse rifle is in the first slot (in the first part of Destiny it was quite popular). Due to the presence of several interesting combinations of perks, the rifle is ideal as the main weapon for certain situations, content, and some builds. Only 2 combinations deserve special attention:

  • The Saboteur and the Thirst for Adrenaline are two ideal perks for builds based on the active use of grenades. For example, most likely such a roll is suitable for a fiery \ electric warlock.
  • Fist fight and Firefly perks allow you to replenish the energy of melee abilities for each kill and create AOE explosions. This combination is already indirectly suitable for specific electric builds.

Tarnished Mettle 

200 electric scout rifles are suitable for the second slot. If you do not take into account the scout rifle from the raid, then this is a pretty good weapon with a good combination of perks:

  • Saboteur.
  • High-explosive projectile \ Dragonfly \ Electric charge – here you can already choose according to your taste or task. The electric charge is a new AOE perk that, when killing a target, charges the next clip with an electric shock effect that creates chain lightning from the struck target.

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Delicate Tomb 

The electric plasma rifle is in the second slot. To be honest, this is just a good weapon that can be used to close the second slot and used in conjunction with the mechanics of the updated electrical subclasses in Destiny 2. Its features include:

  • The first perk – when firing from the hip, the weapon releases projectiles horizontally, and not like all other plasma vertically. When you kill an opponent with a certain probability, you create ion traces, and when you kill a guardian, the chance increases to 100%.
  • The second perk – when selecting an ion trace, the next shot of the weapon is amplified and hits the target with an AOE-electric shock effect.

And of course, when using the electric subclass, the character also gets a “Boost” buff.

Destiny 2

We hope that our article will help you in choosing weapons and you can continue to enjoy this great game. Especially since Bungie representatives have announced that it will abandon the practice of ritually resetting past Destiny 2 expansions, which all fans of the series have been asking for so long.

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