Health Check: The Best Hard Disk Testing Tools You Need to Try

The hard disk drive is an integral component of a laptop or PC. It stores the necessary software that is vital for managing the computer. Moreover, we keep images, documents, and other relevant data we need at any moment in time on these hard drives only.

Best Hard Disk Testing Tools

A hard disk drive is long-term storage or memory of the computer. However, it can deteriorate over time. If there’s any damage or corruption to the hard disk, the data you stored will get threatened too. Thus, it is secure to possess an HDD health monitor from time to time. 

Your hard disk has a short lifespan, so you have to monitor its health so that you can secure and back up relevant data as soon as feasible and prevent any possible data loss from time to time. Here are some effective hard disk health monitoring and testing tools you can seek to assist you with that.

Hard Disk Sentinel

The HDD Sentinel is one of the most reliable HDD and SSD analysis and monitoring software available that can not only diagnose and monitor any hard disk drive issues but also examine and fix them.

The software records and reveals HDD and SSD health and performance degenerations so that you can decide the proper procedure to evade data loss and, worse, disk failure.

When it gets to hard disk monitoring, the tool can work hardware testing like servo, internal buffering, noise, and software tracking like the SMART analysis and surface test. Joining the two examination types, it can distinguish software failures or hardware malfunctions. 

For high-level developers and users, HDD Sentinel also provides you with its API interface so you can create your own custom engines and question the hard disk status and health.


The GSmartControl can manage several hard drive tests with complete and thorough results while giving you an overall health evaluation of the drive. Inspect and save SMART property values like the calibration retry count, multi-zone error rate, power cycle count, and many others.

This tool works on three self-tests to obtain drive defects. First is the short self-test, which is used to expose a wholly corrupted hard drive. This test takes about two minutes to complete. Second is the extended self-test, which measures the whole exterior of a hard drive to find defects. This test takes about 70 minutes to finish.

Lastly is the conveyance self-test, which determines damages and issues that transpired during the deporting of the external hard drive. This test takes around five minutes to complete.

The GSmartControl can be installed for Windows as a compact or regular program with a standard installer. It runs with Windows 10 and even with Windows XP. It is also accessible for Mac and Linux operating systems as well as incorporated in some of the LiveUSB/LiveCD programs.


SeaTools is a free and quick hard disk health checking tool by Seagate that is specially created to obtain any issues in your hard disk. When downloaded and used, this tool can perform a mixture of tests like long and short self-tests, read and write tests, advanced tests, and even gather SMART data. SeaTools is also available in a bootable variant, which is pretty helpful if you cannot boot toward your system.

Although its user interface seems dated and its software is explicitly created for hard drives from Seagate, it operates absolutely fine with any kind of hard disk. If you’re considering a simple diagnostic tool that does responsive tests to monitor your hard drive health and status, then SeaTools is perfect for you.

Iolo System Mechanic Pro

This health checking tool from Iolo is exceptionally useful in keeping your system healthy. With it, you can perform many scans to recognize how your hardware is acting and fix plenty of issues and errors.

Speaking about HDD, this System Mechanic continues to make it safe through its various tools and grants you a maximum of the critical information you need to know about it.

You do not need to worry about getting any actions. The tool can recognize startup applications, disable the ones you do not actually need, and do fast or thorough scans and tests of your computer. It also eliminates resource-draining processes and services and increases the stability and performance of your hard disk, processor, and memory.

Not only that. System Mechanic can also clean up your junk files, discard cache data that clutter the hard drive, and clean the Internet and chat history to guard your privacy.

Ashampoo HDD Control 3

One of the most reliable hard disk health checking tools you can hear is the HDD Control 3 from Ashampoo. It provides a comprehensive HDD health check and examines the memory of the computer. It inhibits the loss of data by identifying the early failing warnings of your hard drive. It fulfills the following duties:

Early Alert

The software checks your hard disk all the time and warns you every time there are some inconsistencies or irregularities. It assists in looking for problems at the earliest so that you can secure and back the data.

Lifespan Boost

HDD fragments as it continually writes and reads. It reduces the lifespan, and Ashampoo enhances its read speed, which extends the lifespan.

Retrieve Data

It has mechanisms that can retrieve lost data and for removing data.

All in all, this HDD Control 3 from Ashampoo is one of the best hard disk testing tools that are effective and super affordable. Go for it!

Macrorit Disk Scanner

This disk scanner from Macrorit is a portable and simple software that is mostly designed to find and scan harmful components in your external HDD. The best aspect about this scanner is that it doesn’t only marks the harmful elements in red, but also delivers you a full and easy to comprehend log file concerning all the bad and good sectors it discovered. 

Macrorit Disk Scanner keeps up a wide assortment of hard drive configurations and types. If you’re searching for simple software that finds and scans terrible components in your hard drive, then this one from Macrorit is definitely for you.

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Final Thoughts

Once your data is already lost, you can’t do anything to get it back – and that’s especially if your hard disk is damaged or corrupt. 

To avoid corrupting your hard disk drive, make use of numerous HDD monitoring tools that are openly available in the market. They will check through your hard disk drives and look for manifestations of corruption. This will, in turn, lay by a lot of money and time on your part while being able to save your data.

Now, play it safe and install a useful hard disk monitoring tool for your HDD.

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