How Can You Assure Customers That Their Data Is Safe With You?

In any customer-facing business, convincing a potential customer or client to choose you over the competition is all about the art of persuasion. Your marketing and sales techniques might focus on the kind of service you offer, the discounts that are available, or the benefits that your services have over other, similar ones.

However, one important thing that you might be neglecting to mention is cybersecurity.

According to a recent study by PWC, not only are customers more concerned about their data security than ever, but they are also more likely to avoid engaging with a business if they believe that it is lax about data security.

That’s why it is vital that you are able to convey to your customers that their personal data is in good hands.

How Can You Assure Customers That Their Data Is Safe With You?

Here’s how to do it. 

Boldly Advertise Your Security Credentials

The first and perhaps most obvious step is to be bold about your cybersecurity credentials and to not shy away from including them in your marketing materials. Do you have a specialized cybersecurity support team on-hand? Then add that to your email newsletter.

Does your company deploy comprehensive malware scanning and anti-DDoS software? Tweet about it! Make sure that it is clear from the outset that you care about cybersecurity and are capable of protecting customer data from malicious actors.

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Explain Cybersecurity to Your Customers


In order to emphasize the value that you place on the data integrity of your customers, one of the best things you can do is talk to them about it.

In your communications and engagements, offer your customers the opportunity to learn more about the cybersecurity best practices that they can incorporate into their lives when using your product.

Learn your cybersecurity statistics and impress them with your knowledge. This will demonstrate that you are an authority in cybersecurity matters and can be trusted by customers.

See What Industry Review Sites Value 

No matter what industry you operate in, there is probably a review site dedicated to assessing you and your competitors. An estimated 60% of all consumers consult online reviews before buying a product or service of any kind.

Many of these review sites will include an analysis of the data protection and cybersecurity that a website offers. Take the online casino industry, for example.

Before customers sign up for an online casino account, they will likely consult a review site like CasinoWings, which gives detailed information on the encryption and data privacy measures used by major platforms.

If reviews of your company state that you offer safety and security, customers will pay attention.

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Adhere to Industry-Wide Standards 

If you want to communicate to your customers that their data is safe with you, it is important to look at what the standard requirements for your industry might be.

For example, financial companies in the US are required to meet data protection standards set out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and will receive accreditation for doing so.

Ensure that you meet the security standards for your industry and see what kind of certificates, accreditations, and licenses you could obtain from industry regulators. This will assure customers that you are a safe pair of hands.

Customers care about their data security more than ever before. Take these steps to assure them that you can be trusted. 

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