Potlucker Alternatives

Putlocker was a hit in the year 2011. This movie streaming website attracted plenty of users who were keen to find & stream best quality movies and shows- most of them where Hollywood movies from the recent archives and releases. It was the best streaming portals to get the streaming data online. The moment Putlocker got banned, people got highly confused on where they will watch online free movies. There are multiple platforms available that provide users to watch online free movies. There are some platforms that are user-friendly & some are full of bugs or technical glitch. Thus, now users are searching for websites to watch online free movies.

Potlucker Alternatives

Before going further, remember: No matter how convenient these free streaming websites are, they all come with a range of risks of safety and privacy. Visiting the wrong website will have some serious consequences. But, resilience is the strongest suit and has sprung up from each setback. In order, to help to avoid such risks and get to live to stream, check out the top Potlucker alternatives here.

1. SolarMovie

Not everybody knows about this site, but SolarMovie is the top free online streaming websites available. Despite its name, the website has both TV shows and movies to offer. You will get impressed by its superior search function as well as well-organized categories. The site features a neat site design without plenty of distractions that can clutter up the screen.

You may filter the content by what is trending, highly viewed, and user-rated. You also can view the results by the IMDb rating that is one convenient feature. On this site sign up is not needed, but in case you register you will make requests of the content you want to see. You also can save the streaming preferences and list of favorite content for simple access. One biggest downside for the SolarMovie site is its catalog is not the biggest.

2. Vumoo

This should be your second decision as an alternative for Putlocker to view TV arrangement and movies on the internet. It’s less sorted out if contrasted with the best sites depicted previously. This website has partitioned their media content in two segments. Firstly it is motion pictures & second is the TV arrangement. The content quality for Vumoo is best and additionally, you do not need to join.

3. GoMovies

The best thing about GoMovies is it allows you to select between 2 different homepage layouts. The default homepage will be devoid of any clutter or features of the well-made search function. There is also the button, which takes you to the website’s old layout. It is much better to browse when you have not decided what you are in a mood to watch.

You may quickly sort out movies by trending, highly viewed, or IMDb rating. One unique feature of the GoMovies is the night mode. Whenever you turn on the mode, the website switches to the dark-color design, which is ideal for the late-night movie watchers.

4. Hulu

If there’s any service that shows the best quality content through the app, it is Hulu. With the original programs accessible, shows from each major network, and lots of Hollywood films to select from, there is everything here – round-up of best Hulu shows as well as movies demonstrates in abundance. Recently, Hulu entered this market of the live sporting event streams. The costs generally tend to be much lower for Hulu, maybe because its original shows aren’t very extensive as Netflix.

5. CouchTuner

CouchTuner is the internet service providing live content streaming website. This has gone through many subdomains like .fr, .ag, and, .com throughout their shelf life on the internet. The main focus of the website is streaming of each television show. As its website content is totally free, lots of users use CouchTuner as the primary mean for watching television shows.

Final Words

Potlucker alternatives as a backup in case domains are shutdown. You may explore various databases and find out new films that are definitely one good idea. These Putlocker alternatives sites are very good. And some of these may replace Putlocker, as a go-to streaming site. Suppose you’re keen to spend some money then Amazon Prime is the best option, it has amazing and high appealing features among its competitors.

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