Weapon Emojis to Enjoy More on Gaming

Gaming is contributing a big part to the online world. It’s not just about playing it but also it has developed our decision-making since games really need a focus on how to deal with different quests, or how to face obstacles. Furthermore, it helps stimulate us to respond quickly to a sudden situation and it really affects our daily lives.

The gaming community has helped a lot of people, with these pandemic days, staying at home, avoiding unnecessary reasons to go out as possible.

It makes other people bored, with the help of the gaming community, not just by playing on it but also watching live streams on different platforms on social media, taking us away from the problems that we are currently experiencing in a while.

Weapon Emojis to Enjoy More on Gaming

Crossed Swords Emoji

Also known as sword emoji. In gaming, the field might be one of the most popular weapons. The first image that will pop up in our mind will be a swordsman.

It has a lot of kinds depending on the character that you will use and different prices in the gaming currency.  Some of these can be sold in real money so using this emoji can open a lot of conversations in games.

It can also be a symbol of a group or guild with different forms and shapes. That makes you interact with so many players wherever they may come from. Sending a sword emoji might also be a sign that you want to challenge someone on a  duel.

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Bow and Arrow Emoji

What comes to your mind first is an archer. Or a Markman type of character. Using this weapon can make an attack at long range.

Usually, some of the characters having this weapon have a skill that makes other players slow or stunned. Just like traps. Using this emoji also symbolizes that you’re a long-range type player or strategist.

Shield Emoji

An image for full defense but. But in some other ways on gaming, it will just reduce damage taken from the enemy but it’s a big help especially if you have a group behind you.

Which makes the one who holds this are commonly tank type characters. Usually full of armor on the hud body. This emoji can introduce you to other players that you’re tank users.

Pistol Emoji

The image of this emoji looks like a toy gun that has ammo of water. But it may signify a lot from the gaming. You may have heard about trash talk right?

Receiving this emoji might disappoint you, maybe your lack of good performance on the game. There are also games that use pistols a lot like counter strike. Sending this emoji to the players who’s not good would be a good trash talk.

Dagger Emoji

It’s a kind of knife. It’s so small that it can be kept in your pocket or simply inset it on your pants. The edge of it is so sharp. It is usually used by a thief that’s why in the gaming world. The job fit for this knife is assassins.

Usually a ninja type. You need to have the agility and skill to handle this weapon. Using this emoji with your opponents makes them think about how to counter you.

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A lot of emojis have been added to your keypad and the gaming society really benefits from it. Not just from your pc but this time even mobile games, players are increasing so fast. You can simply communicate with your opponents or game mates and enjoy the game more.

For example, having a squad or a guild, it shortens your way of what to do when suddenly happens during your game.

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