3 Ways to Create a Matchmaking Website using WordPress

If you’ve ever considered the popularity of dating outlets such as Match or Flirt.com, perhaps you’ve given serious thought to launching your very own version. But how easy would it be to design a brand new dating site, then launch it into an increasingly crowded marketplace? There’s some good news and some not-so-good news. Taking the latter first, the not-so-good news is that no matter how well your site is designed, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate a lot of verve, enthusiasm, and imagination when it comes to ensuring it has every chance of attracting unique customers and competing with rivals. But if you do have the necessary degree of business acumen, the good news is you can build your site relatively easily, using WordPress.

Matchmaking Website

WordPress is a content management system which can be readily adapted to all manner of topics. The beauty of adopting this form of website-building software is you can create an excellent site without having to know the ins and outs of the coding which lies beneath the templates or plugins WordPress offer their customers. There will be solutions to whatever type of site you are hoping to present to those singles who will come across it in their browsers. To give an overview of what’s available on WordPress, here are three ways you can use this platform to create an eyecatching matchmaking website.


A key point about any dating site is for it to look exceptionally professional. Not only are you going to be inviting your customers to invest in your product in terms of subscribing to your services, but you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Razor is ideal for this purpose because it is clean and efficient looking from the outset, as well as providing a host of features for you to incorporate which will assist you in building your all-important community of engaged site users.

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Razor offers responsive layouts, and a layout builder which, although powerful, can be readily managed by anyone with a modicum of HTML knowledge. Within the site, architecture are various related building suites, such as contact form builder, popup login forms, translation and localization support, and many others.

This flexibility means you don’t have to integrate absolutely everything from the get-go, but you can continue to roll-out specific features as your website grows legs. The advanced controls can be tapped into, ensuring a regular boost to the service your platform can provide to your customers. By employing the Razor theme you can nurture social networks, and these can prove to be the vital fuel for your enterprise, ensuring your customers don’t just engage, they continue engaging.

When it comes to constructing the site, you can use a drag and drop editor to assist you with the layouts. Saving as you go, either opt for a style you like which you can replicate, or you can easily set a different customized layout for separate pages.

To summarize the myriad features available in this WordPress theme, it offers – contact form builder, drag and drop layout manager, sidebar generator, responsive layers and mobile support, conditional menu items for visibility control, unbranded white label admin, retina (HiDPI) graphics enabled, customized headers, footers and layouts for each page, unlimited control when it comes to designing homepage layout, unlimited layouts and page templates, unlimited choices of colors, full localization, design of popup login forms, layered PSD files, and much more.

Love Hearts

If some of the more technical aspects of Razor seem a little daunting to someone who is less programmer and more entrepreneur (although you will find all WordPress software is intuitive and pretty easy to grasp,) perhaps a more user-friendly option for your foray into a WordPress matching website would be to try the Love Hearts theme. This sweet-looking platform does have a romantic feel to it, making an ideal starting point for your matching website. It also includes a profile gallery which you can sort according to editorial preference, allowing users to suss out other site members while gaining a handle on which individuals would make ideal matches.

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Top of the list of good points is the fact this theme also provides straightforward integration with other social media platforms, which is vital for any dating website to thrive. You’ll find the responsive layout can be adapted according to your vision for the site, but one of its most attractive features is the way it provides translations files.

How to install the Love Hearts plugin? It’s simple to activate the neat gimmick, and once installed and activated, floating hearts will automatically be added to the various pages of your site. Naturally, this feature would be ideal for other types of online entrepreneur, from florists to card designers, but it is especially so if you want to produce an instantly-recognizable brand for your dating outlet.

This theme will also look just as effective when its viewed on a cross-section of smart devices. Like other WordPress themes, it can be customized and contains many powerful features. Above all, despite the clean/pink aspect, it will make your homepage demand attention. It can’t be emphasized enough that your site will stand or fall depending on the first impression you give to visitors alighting here. If your home page will entice customers to check out what’s under the bonnet, your theme will have served its purpose well. Finally, Love Hearts comes with an integrated online chat system, making it simple for your customers to message one another.

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Of the many WordPress themes available, Dating is another straightforward option which is ideal for matchmaking because it has been thoroughly cross-browser and mobile tested. One standout feature is its unique homepage slider, as well as the bold colors and fonts which are suited to the topic.

Installation is easily done, in two steps, and crucially for a dating site, it is multilingual, offers different options for the color scheme, and comments and sharing widgets are available. What else? It offers fully customizable typography, with a choice of over 600 Google fonts, and is SEO-ready.

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